Look no further than Langley’s GROWING Transit Pains: a precursor to our Mayor’s Shortsightedness. Inevitably Forcing CNV commuters into a STANDOFF: “Will I be busing or motoring to work?”

Since once again there is NO City Hall meeting tonight due to a scheduled and oh so convenient UBCM Annual run for cover Convention…

We should all take a harder long look at what went down last Monday night.  Whereby ALL city councillors came together unanimously approving MORE DENSITY – MORE COMMUTERS scrabbling to get to work in order to pay for their new market value rentals.  A new St. Georges 23 storey development butting next to an existing rental building that will be adding 9 new suites.   A new 166 unit high rise where a two/three bedroom in 2019 when completed could cost well over 3 grand a month.  With a measly 10% of these units being offered below market value.  Rates TBD at a later date, just prior to completion by the developer – maybe renting for only 2 grand a month.  And yes parking stalls will be at a PREMIUM with not enough to go round…  And yes wannabe night-mayor Buchanan this project does speak VOLUMES towards the EN MASS UNAFFORDABLE DENSITY you are so willing to inflict on our city.

The following video is what we can SOON EXPECT when it comes to busing in our city – chaotic turmoil.  And it will ALL be realized in just two short years after Hollyburn’s 19 story bonused over height rental tower at Lonsdale and 13th Street; St Georges reno rental and new 23 storey high tower totaling 255 units AND just completed Onni’s CentreView TWO Towers.  Newbies ALL waiting in long lineups, clawing their way aboard the same bus at the only designated BUS STOP at Lonsdale and 13th.  A bus stop that will already be FULL from Upper Lonsdale and Lynn Valley’s towering new development bus commuters!
Video:  https://globalnews.ca/video/3760244/transit-growing-pains-in-langley

And it should be noted: we may not be able to have “double-decker buses” due to low ceiling height restrictions at our SeaBus Waterfront Terminal which also may not have sufficient turning radius for “accordion buses.”…  Welcome to Mussatto’s precursor transit legacy uprising.  #MussattoSHORTsightedness

*The odds in finding a city council streaming single frame like this: open to so many tangibles is easier then one would think.

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