With less than 2% of CNV Residents “Biking To Work” at $70 an inch! Mussatto and his Henchmen continue defecating taxpayers money!

Tonight at 7 pm the City will be presenting a preliminary design for the last section of the $70 an inch Golden Fleeced Blacktop that will connect Lonsdale at W 21st Street with Grand Boulevard at E 19th Street.  The only missing link err disconnect in all this is by our vainglorious mayor Mussatto whom continues to be enraptured by Fake News.  Willing to remain historically ignorant to the fact the city’s real Green Necklace refers to our already existing four major parklands some dating back over a hundred years.  And these parks have “always been connected” by roads and pathways.   #MussattoFakeNews  #MussattoDisconnect

And for those of you still wondering why I caricaturize councillor Buchanan wearing crazy glasses is because she has been constantly flippant on many city council issues like against having any casino in our city last year and now all for a non union casino unless located on our waterfront.  Can we really believe Ms. Flippant Buchanan?  And as far as having her riding a tricycle… has anyone ever seen her riding her bike i.e. letting her hair and makeup or designer clothing get caught up in the wind or pouring rain “cycling” to and from a Monday night city council meeting… I mean ever.  #FlippantBuchanan

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