Today the city finally reveals its “one hump camel jack” bronze statue. A precursor to our infamous mayor’s DMW Legacy.

Our Grinch-like mayor today proudly presents our city with its latest embarrassment – gaffe.  A one hump camel thinking it is a two humper that was used during BC’s 1800’s mini mining gold rush.  What is so blatantly wrong is this wonderfully sculptured bronze camel is a LIE.  NO CAMEL ever set foot on the North Shore, rather they were ferried/barged up the Fraser River to the interior prospect mines.  This only further exemplifies just how unconcerned our city “is” lead by a corrupt bought and paid for mayor when it comes to facts vs. Fake News.  Willing to declare falsehoods – like our mayor stating in public it is simply a case of  “ARTIST LICENSE”.  i.e. At the expense and credibility of the sculptor whom was misinformed by our city’s Arts Council.  Whom for what ever reason did not do their due diligence even though the “information highway/internet” has easy and many accessible links to the animals used and where and how they were used during this historical time period in BC.  As an artist I am dumbfounded and dishearten by the lack in research and negligence the Arts Council has succumbed.

My Wiki-leakage sources tell me the unveiling takes place at 12:30 pm today.  Can’t wait to see what is inscribed on the plaque. i.e.  Just how ludicrous their tall tale will be: LYING to its citizens.  #OneHumpCameljack  #FakeNews

Contributor BJ May CNV
*camel jack: When someone is just being completely stupid!

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