Welcome to: Lonsdale & 13 St. 2018 Single Bus Stop Blues! A Story That Could Forever CRIPPLE Our City’s Transit.

You read more and more in our city papers the frustration to down right anger being expressed by transit commuters waiting in long lineups at bus stops throughout the lower mainland.  And our city is about to join West Vancouver City now facing: bus shortages and bus overloads – unable to accommodate city residents willing to bus it.  Now our inglorious mayors are telling us it is “not their fault” rather Metro Vancouver’s TransLink failings or the Province or Federal Government unwillingness to keep pace with their insane density level growths…really?

Can TransLink, the Province or Federal Governments OVERRIDE “a city’s decision to approve massive out of control building permits” – of course not!  This is simply an EN MASS DEVELOPER COUP D’ETAT “approved” by a majority of mayors and their city councillors that were bought and paid for during the last civic election.  Now willingly and continuously garnering and approving en mass building permits on behalf of their developer election backers catering to lucrative offshore investors/immigrants.  Willingly ignoring and building beyond their city’s infrastructure capacity, choosing instead to cater to cyclists where here in CNV less than 2% are willing to “bike to work” year round on Black Necklace bike paths at $70 an inch!

And lest we shall never forget come October 20, 2018 wannabe night-mayor Linda Buchanan and councillor Holly Back’s 100% backing of every high rise development.  #MetroVancouverCommuterOverload

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