Mussatto’s Team Slate Approved Developer “Coup de Grace” merciless attack on low income and part time earners! While city’s part time help vacancies precariously on the rise!

OMG our mayor and city council will once again dare hold another infamous Monday Night 4 to 3 autocratic fight card.  Meanwhile reviewing our last city council meeting from way back on Oct. 2 our Chamber of Commerce presentation team showcased our city’s economic growth and its potential demise.  Glaringly showcasing the commercial retail and restaurant businesses dependency and deficits from decreasing business parking and their inability to retain part time staff unable to find AFFORDABLE low income housing in our city.

Later on in the agenda councillor Rod Clark submitted to Council instructing staff to bring forward coordinated policies (options) to ensure that any and all multi-family developments in the city provide a minimum of 20% of rental units on a 10% to up to 15%, 20% below market rate in perpetuity.  And to no one’s surprise there was councillor aka wannabe night-mayor Buchanan curiously questioning the viability of offering up to 20% off developer’s rental ticket price and how it could effect city amenities and WTF prevent developers moving forward: PREVENTING MORE OVER CAPACITY DENSITY!

As you can see Buchanan had a real going CONCERN in how too much low rental subsidies could negatively affect future “developer rental project profits” then worrying about NOT PROVIDING SUFFICIENT AFFORDABLE HOUSING for our seniors, fixed & low income earners, residents with disabilities or part time workers seeking below market value rental accommodations!  I just hope and pray that come our next election in 12 months our 47 to 50% low income earners struggling to pay their rent – struggling to make ends meet will head to the polls in quantified numbers and DISREGARD Buchanan for mayor at their polling stations… I know I am.

And also to no one’s surprise councillor Keating was once again MIA… Why has he not been RELIEVED of his councillor duties?  “Money Bags” has made a complete MOCKERY out of our elected civic officials INTENT and ACCOUNTABILITY.

As far as our infamous mayor goes he seemed more concerned about the heavy workload his city staff are currently experiencing… sounding less than ingenuous reluctantly approving councillor Clark’s submission.

* coup de grâce: a finishing blow

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