Man the Torpedoes: a Civic election is heading our way in just 365 days!

In exactly 12 months from tomorrow we will be hopefully electing an independent discerning new city council and mayor.  I have for the last 3 years been a caricature voice animating over 400 blogs illustrating the colluding “4 to 3” over densification of our city.  A mayor and his Team Slate Councillors bought and paid for representing the interests of their 2014 developer invested campaign backers and the 1% willing to “bike to work” year round at $70 an inch. 

It is time we had a city council that reflects the issues facing our unique and varying neighbourhoods from over densification, lack of affordability and insufficient rental housing to neglected infrastructures like parking shortages.  Local small business success is dependent on being able to staff quantified part-time help.  We also cannot continue callously turning our backs – evicting the wellness of our city rooted in its fixed and low income earners and seniors forsaken by developer’s offshore appetite.

We need to revolutionize, update city council meeting “participating format” whereby city residents have the option to voice their issues/concerns not only from an unlimited Public Input Period pulpit but also from a facilitating CNVH Hotline via Facetime, Live Chat or like what many television news programs do: take questions from “twitter or by text messaging”.  This “media input format” could also be used during the Public Clarification Period…  We need to “re-wire the peoples city hall”, indoctrinating a 21st century approach in how we can best conduct and communicate city council business.  #VoteStacheCityCouncillor2018  #E=MC2

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