Common Cents er Sense Never an Issue for NVCH Majority when it comes to Spirit Trail Fleecing!

Way back in early April 2016 city council under its self-inflicting manipulative wisdom 6 to 1 (councillor Bookham voted nay) rerouted $1.15 million earmarked for the upcoming East Park & Tilford portion of the Spirit Trail and borrowed another $1.95 million from the Harry Jerome fund.  Thereby mustering enough taxpayers money to complete the  “Mosquito Creek Marina Trail Bridge.”  The city swore up and down it would, yes, “return the $1.95 million” to the Harry Jerome fund in their upcoming fall 2016 budget… but nowhere can I find any public record of any HJCRC monies being “replenished” – sound familiar.

And all the while councillor Back was insisting OMG:  “The city’s financial footwork is just common sense, if we borrow the money, we’re borrowing from ourselves.” …My bank advisor still gets a chuckle out of her kryptonite accounting skills never wanting or could afford to walk in her bike lane shoes – aka a footprint for financial hemorrhaging!

And what do you think the odds are the NS News release for Mosquito Creek Bridge update was deliberately orchestrated by Mussatto to hit the newspaper stands on a Monday that will not see a City Hall meeting for another TWO WEEKS!  Hoping to deflect enough negativity away from his $6 million dispirited sail – I’m guessing 100%!   #MosquitoCreekBridge  #MussattoOrchestrated  #SpiritTrailFleecing


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