Since 2014 Elections: Heartless Unaffordable Housing Cheer is our city’s new norm … unless you ride on 28 or 32 spoked wheels!

Our city’s last  City Council “at the Zoo” Meeting Dec. 11 did not disappoint when it came to crosswalk cycling buffoonery even with councillor Keating missing his 8th city council meeting with all but one councillor Bookham passing cycling elephant feet 5 to 1 with an Onni camel lurking nearby.

There will be a dear price to pay come October 20 next year for many a member of our current city council.  There are not enough HUB members in CNV to elect Buchanan as mayor and there is certainly a growing concern among CNV-ites having a DNVC resident sitting in our city chambers.  And in the new year councillors Bell, Clark and Bookham will be voting for more over capacity development in order to get their Legacy Recreational Megadome pushed through city council in early Spring.

Fingers crossed, there will be a number of bike signs, no right turn signs, crosswalk elephant painting and bike lane reductions making way for much needed rush hour alternative lane traffic options being passed in early 2019.  And of course a loud and clear message to high rise developers – “You are no longer wanted or welcome!”

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