Lest we shall never forget… a look back at last month’s most viewed.

December ended up being the most viewed month in 2017 with 4,642 views in a year also ending with my little Stache editorial cartoon blog breaking the 100,00 view mark – thank you!

There was a lot of interest in December’s 2017 top viewed and in my narcissistic evolution of our mayor sitting on his chamber’s thrown.  And it should be to no one’s surprise that the overall number one viewed blog was “Onni’s Henchmen” verbally abusing a crippled senior followed by “NVCHall Big Cheezies” showing just how much more top city officials, directors and managers can make working for CNV and not in the larger DNVC HQ.  And lest we shall never forget from last year is how mayor Mussatto without due cause copped our infamous CAO a $86K bonus cheque!  I wonder how much MORE of city taxpayer’s money Grinch is willing to exalt CAO Tollstam as he exits the come back never door.

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