City Councillors Buchanan and Back continue to give our incredulous mayor a “free pass” when it comes to degrading women!

All hail misogynistic Mussatto or so you would think from BOTH city councillors Buchanan running for mayor and Back a non city resident running for re-election whom remain tight lipped over the mayor’s vulgarity towards women during city council’s last city council meeting of 2017.  Two seemingly indignant city councillors unwilling to voice any displeasure with the mayor over his prior camel toe perverseness in a revamped single shot cameras and new sound system council chambers.

Last Monday night BOTH these women had a long 6 week overdue opportunity to express to city council and city residents their disgust over the mayor’s camel toe – elephant feet perverted innuendo.  For either one of them to actually believe the mayor did not know what camel toe reference implied only goes to prove just far up the mayor’s butt they both are…  An opportunity that will surely bite deep into their chances in ever getting elected on October 20th in just 9 months, 5 days.  #camelToeFreePass

2 thoughts on “City Councillors Buchanan and Back continue to give our incredulous mayor a “free pass” when it comes to degrading women!

  1. Having worked with the wee mayor (outside of City Hall), I can honestly say that this is entirely in keeping with his attitude towards women. He’s a mean little bully who lies like a rug.

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  2. …and has been known to take many a ballistic temper tantrum from an inside source. I guess being humiliated by a Global television audience over his derogatory, misogynist “camel toe remarks” against women and my Monday’s little Twilight Zone blog caricaturing the mayor as Napoleon preparing for his Waterloo via public input bylaw 8500 – and is now unplugging video streaming during city council meetings. No longer willing to “face” his critics and apparent 8500 hypocrisy during city council meetings. October 20th can’t come soon enough.


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