Now you see me uh, now you don’t, hee, hee

The mayor it seems has decided to keep taxpayers and shut-in discerning residents in the dark.  Dictatorially preventing anyone the democratic right and ability to record/tape their monkey business i.e. exposing their behavioural impropriety and guile misconduct: “caught during live streaming” city council meetings acted out by the mayor and his whipped city council despicables.  #NowYouSeeMeNowYouDont

Also being left in the dark are 2016 incomplete “Fake News” financial statements from city auditors while having coughed up over 2.5 million taxpayers’ money in a Corix lawsuit – discovered by sleuth Kerry Morris.
LEC-Loses-Privative-Legal-Proceeding   CNV 2016 Financial Statement 

Further insight can be found:

Meanwhile back at last Monday Night’s city council meeting…  Mr. Atkins was the only Public Input speaker.  Against all odds, he braved expressing his concerns about a land acquisition/transfer coming up for a probable “4 to 3” mayoral approval.  All the while not knowing the mayor and his team bloc would under the cover of unplugged video darkness – never have to worry about their disingenuous: no way in hell is that ever going to happen while we’re dictating city governance – optics!

The mayor is seemingly ruling like city hall is no longer a public corporate domain rather it’s his personal autocrat empire.  So I thought I would give Mr. Atkins 2 min. portion of the council meeting a little extra “appropriate visual justification” on behalf of our Napoleon-like vainglorious ruler.

The British Fascisti formed in 1924.  A form of radical authoritarianism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce (development and taxpayer money) that came to prominence in early 20th-century Britain then giving rise to National Fascism in Italy… and seemingly again to some extent in CNV in 2015.

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