Tonight’s city council meeting… well nothing to see here – literally!

Tonight’s city council meeting has been – oops cancelled… nothing on our city website from last week gives any indication WHY.  Must be one of those: “due to apathy”, or “we really have already outdone ourselves and deserve back to back Monday’s off. ” And then again maybe Grinch is struggling to fill his density card – running out of real estate!  After all the mayor and his Team Hijacker’s have made it quite clear they are not interested in significantly improving street light visibility, abetting uneven sidewalk mobility issues, resolving street parking shortages, remedying inner city traffic congestion or seriously introducing new low income rental housing i.e. 10 to 20 units at 50% below $2,200 mo. market value for at least 10 years. (10-20/50/10)

A continued miss-opportune are those who tonight would have dared cross the mayor during Public Input Period… Only 8 months left in Mussatto’s autocratic governance.  #CNVSOL

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