March 12 Public Input Speakers OVERRULED by a city councillor having the worst attendance record: “Craig Keating”

Once again “democracy” on behalf of city residents at a city council meeting is DERAILED by the precarious or is it nefarious councillor Keating whom by his own convictions or those posed for him by the mayor i.e. the only team slate councillor not running in this year’s election.  What we do know is the mayor is getting awfully tired of all the negative feedback he gets from residents during Public Input Period.  And again if elected on October 20, will propose changing it to something like: Unlimited Resident Input Period.  #PeoplesCityHall

There certainly seems to be an increase in the number of residents coming forward concerned over how developers and city councillors are NOT LISTENING to the majority of their neighbourhood issues. i.e. A dire DISCONNECT from Mussatto’s Team Bloc and City Planners who are hell-bent in turning our once very livable and attainable city into a gentrified, limited parking, traffic surround, highrise jungle!

And here is one definitive example whereby a resident is speaking out against city hall’s reverence for OCP bonused fornicating development and Mussatto donors’ garnisheeing of city hall’s agenda.

A city councillor in bed with his donor developers!
His BC NDP must be so dam proud of him…

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