Hold onto your electoral ballots Guy Heywood has thrown his hat into the mayoral ring.

First I want to thank all those who wanted to support my run for city councillor.  This was by no means an easy decision, triggered by June 18’s underhanded Harry Jerome Lands Rezoning Public Hearing and then the unconscionable audacity of Darwin/Collier Realty to release “in print’ the knowledge that Harry Jerome Lands behind Harry Jerome Neighbourhood resident’s back is a foregone conclusion!

The 8 to 9 years needed to construct these premeditated faulty towers and annihilation of the existing Harry Jerome Lands is the straw that broke my camel’s back.  I will not spend a decade in a convoluting “destroy and build” city council SELLOUT CONSTRUCTION ZONE!

Moving on…  We are only “101 days or 14 weeks + 3 days” away from electing a new mayor & hopefully six “new” neighbourly city councillors.  Currently we have two insiders and 1 1/2 outsiders, Guy Heywood having served previously on the 2009 city council running for mayor… Curious, does anyone know what happened to Heywood’s drummed-up NVCAA regime?  Their website is MIA.

With 4 candidates running for mayor maybe we’ll begin to read and hear a little “pre-season” mayoral race trash talk along with fireworks turfing and boasting on who is best suited to be our new leader.  Wouldn’t it be nice if these four familiar contenders inspired others to run for mayor.  Mayoral candidates bringing a breath of fresh air in social & economic perspectives.  Especially after being held hostage for 4 long years by a city council that is developer compliant and anti NIMBY!  But running for mayor ain’t cheap, same goes running for city councillor!

I left out pro-amalgamation George Pringle who has not officially thrown-in his hat into the mayor’s ring.  In the last election he received around 300 votes.  But it would be interesting in having two amalgamation candidates running and see who would get the majority of the CNV “307” who voted in favour i.e. twinning of our North Shore cities from the recent farcical District/NRG reunification survey.

In our upcoming election with limited mayoral spending limits and donor restrictions, don’t be surprised if at least one of our contender’s legitimacy is impaired by their campaign disingenuous endeavours.  Much like Guy Heywood noted & presented at a March 2015 city council meeting… https://nvcityvoices.wordpress.com/2015/page/14/

Let the mayoral war games begin!


4 thoughts on “Hold onto your electoral ballots Guy Heywood has thrown his hat into the mayoral ring.

  1. Stache: We hope that the 2018 campaign is not at all similar to the dirty tricks and trash talk of 2014. We also hope that fact-checking is the rule this year – if you’re not sure of something ask the person named. Has Rod Clark announced? Ask Guy Heywood about the group quoted. This is the correct link to Guy Heywood’s submission to Council: https://nvcityvoices.wordpress.com/2015/03/23/city-of-north-van-council-legitimacy-impaired-by-disclosures/


  2. Hi Bruce. Sorry you’re not running.

    Would it be too much to ask for a nicer hat…a more classy top hat, or English hunting cap that could have been worn by Henry Heywood-Lonsdale, the distant relative and early North Vancouver landowner that carved the City out of the District so it would do a better job serving developers of that day. (One might say it’s still doing a good job in that regard).

    FYI – the North Van Citizen Action Assoc. (NVCAA) was created to raise awareness of the election and encourage new candidates. Several people that came to meetings are announcing as independent candidates. Ken Izatt has already announced and there will be more. So it succeeded to that extent.

    However, we decided not to go to create a Party or a Slate. Don Bell and I will do whatever we can to help but everyone has to raise their own funding and will certainly have their own positions on issues.

    New candidates really have a chance in large part because the NDP made it illegal to do what the Mayor and his slate did in 2014, which was raise $150,000 from companies and unions that deal with the City. However, raising the money to run is still going to be tough. Everyone who wants to see independent candidates succeed should support them.

    Thanks for the shout out regarding my 2015 analysis of the Slate’s funding. It’s still worth looking at in light of the decisions Council has made in the past 4 years so you can draw your own conclusions about whether there was a return for any of those donors (I need to give Bill Bell credit for doing the initial work on the analysis)

    The upside of your running is you’re still available as a cartoonist. You can help us turn the page and raise the tone of our local politics so I’m sure you’re going to be kind, especially on the newbies, and that you’ll think about giving me a nicer hat;-).



  3. I can give you a English cap but it will still have a red star in the middle of the cap. Interesting how you are going against the grain of your own family heritage running can I assume on an amalgamation platform – times they are a changin’. And yes I will be kinder to newbies running for city councillor unless they are part of a “Mayor’s Team Slate” then all bets are off.


  4. Here is link to a picture of Arthur Pemberton Heywood-Lonsdale, Henry was his son.


    The hat is actually not that different. Just needs to be a bit ‘tweedier’.

    Arthur was a banker that owned much of North Vancouver but never came here. A cousin, James Pemberton Fell, came over in 1897 as agent for Lonsdale Estates and was involved in laying out and naming many streets. He was active in the community, but lived in Vancouver.


    He organized the first militia in North Van (hence the Fell Armouries) which was active in WWI. The very first mission of the 6th Field Company was to invade Nanaimo in 1913 to suppress a leftist insurrection (strike). My father-in-law lives there. He’s a rather notorious left-winger and I like to tell him it could happen again!


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