Surely to no one’s surprise Mussatto’s surrogate “Crooked Buchanan” Sidesteps City Election Bike Rack Sign Bylaws… Opening the flood gates for other candidates to: “if you can get’em grab’em.”

News Flash: Crooked Buchanan has with a little inside help from her City Hall friends and with a little more direct help from bike rack sign lessees is able to SUBLEASE bike rack stands and thereby avoid breaking any bike rack city sign bylaws… However the lessee MUST BE registered as a “Third Party Sponsor” and make a financial disclosure to Elections BC.  I would also liked to have seen on each one of these ‘subleased’ bike rack signs WHO is sponsoring which mayoral or city councillor candidate. 

Interesting is now Kerry “Nitro” Morris has replaced his previous non mayoral related bike rack signs with signs saying “Yes, I am running for mayor”… is he subleasing from himself – hmm.  It should also be noted that Ken Izatt running for NVC council has a couple of these sublease bike rack signs.  I haven’t seen any Hoss horse trading Clark bike rack signs but that doesn’t mean they are not out there or will shortly find their way to a bike rack stand or maybe bus stop shelter sign near you.  All bets are off when it comes to any city sign bylaws equal playing field.  #SignWars

Ethically are any of these candidates the type of administrators you want governing our city. i.e. looking for loopholes in our city bylaws they can easily manipulate… as always you decide.

Mayor Mussatto’s sunset last council meeting was noticeably tame ending in a bouquet of accolades.

In our mayor’s emotional farewell speech he highlighted some of his accomplishments, reasserting his deliberate pro-density governance of our city.  Thanks in part being empowered 4 to 3 over the last 4 years and with a little extra help from his horse trading city councillors meant he could and did reshape CNV into a Manhattan Back-lot.  But without the incredible infrastructures i.e. transit systems offered “above and below ground” in NY NY.  #shortsightedLegacy

And with this in mind let’s rewind back to September 2017:
As Mayor Grinch’s legacy unfolds during a lunch break… crossing a senior’s path.  #NIMBYdisconnect

Tonight’s waning last quarter city council meeting offers up a multitude of housing and zoning bylaw amendments and many developer pal funding appropriation thank you’s and WTF street closures.

Tonight’s city council meeting should again not be any different from any previous city council meeting when it comes to “stacking the deck” in favour of their developer pals and appropriating large sums of taxpayers’ cash to their campaign donor buds to Mussatto’s Team Slate closing down 26 St. West at Lonsdale based on a sham Pezzente traffic study “contradicting” ICBC’s legitimate traffic study report.

The majority of 26 St. neighbourhood did not favour the oversized foot print for the new development or want to lose their green space or street access to Lonsdale.  But when you are just a taxpaying resident and not a Mussatto campaign investor the odds will never ever be in your favour…  But tonight’s road closure doesn’t stop here.  They also want to create a bylaw to: close and remove highway dedication off 100 Block East 22nd Street.  #UpperLonsdaleUnite  #Vote4ChangeOct20

But there is a twilight of good news in tonight’s meeting… a Notice of Motion by wannabe mayor Rod Clark wants the city to endorse the recommendation of the BC Rental Housing Task Force: that the maximum rental increase be cut from inflation plus 2% to inflation only, and that the automatic 2% increase be eliminated.

Time for a little Stache Sunday Funny “recall”… March 2018

With the advent of Mussatto’s City Councillors about to discover their fate in a mere 20 days… and in only 29 days wouldn’t it be nice no longer to be seen or heard from city council chamber’s head table…

The fact of the matter is I like so many though some by no choice of their own will not be living in Mussatto’s Manhattan CityShaping Back-lot for much longer.  I will not be around long enough to see the inauguration of the new city council.  For I have found a wonderful little city at about 1/3 the cost of living to retire and that will allow me to continue, (hint) elevate and broaden my innate creative talents.

From this point forward my editorial cartoon blog will only be featuring members of our 2014/2018 city council incumbents and bought and paid for mayor.  After tomorrow’s blog I will also be from time to time selecting from my blog’s vault of over 500 cartoons some of my favourites worthy of a replay i.e. lest we forget just how corrupt, underhanded, disconnected and sanctimonious these seven ill-chosen despicables have been in turning this city inside out.  A city council reveling in its “new norm” of gridlock, construction overload and NIMBY disconnect.  Building for tomorrow while besieging, nullifying and deprioritizing its sustainability and livability i.e. social and economic wellness of “today.”

#Vote4ChangeOctober20 …I know I will as a parting gift.

The North Van City Voices blog site needs to get its FACTS A LITTLE STRAIGHTER…

The infamous North Van City Voices are at it again, FALSELY accusing me in not having my facts straight when it comes to equally charging Councillors Clark, Bell and Bookham i.e. “guilty as charged” when it comes to “en mass density.”  Over the last four years mayor Mussatto’s Team Bloc have definitively approved more development projects than the aforementioned… But if the NVCV took the time to do their “density (population) math” and not fly off the deep end making dumb, absurd accusations towards me.  They would realize after opening their (her) eyes that Councillors Clark, Bell and Bookham have “in fact” created or will create just as much “gridlocking people density” as Mussatto’s Team Hijackers have over the last four years.

Councillors Clark, Bell, Bookham voted for the Moodyville’s redevelopment – no tiny project, nor is Polygon’s OCP bonus Esplanade Tower incorporating the NVMA that seems to be a little too small unable to display or store their existing heritage artifacts.  And then there is how could you ever omit their recent “horse trading” allowing Darwin Construction to build two towers of 58 FLOORS in UNPRECEDENTED high rise development on the Harry Jerome Lands!

So if you add Darwin’s en masse invasion of HJ Lands and in unison joining forces with a number of Mussatto’s Team Slate developments like recently Millennium’s Fire Hall development and Anthem’s Eastern Ave. new rental tower – they are ALL GUILTY as charged as in also IGNORING the Regional Strategy Targets!  #FactsMatter  #Vote4ChangeOct20

Wannabe Mayor Councillors Buchanan And Clark Are Ready to Program Your Livability… Whether You Want Them To Or Not.

What happened during last Monday Night’s City Council Fight Card should be an indication in what to expect next week… Like Mussatto’s developer pal Polygon Gallery looking to grab more taxpayer’s money.   A 2014 Mussatto campaign donor whom under poor management low-balled their operational costs and its sustainability into the future.  Luckily for taxpayers their “11th hour $225 bridged finance request” has been at least deferred to at least next Monday’s city council meeting or will it be deferred to city council’s last chance meeting on October 29th… after CNV citizens have decided if it is time for change or not.

Meanwhile out on the mayoral campaign trail two of our despicable city councillor’s Buchanan n’  Clark are flooding and polluting front lawns and defecating green spaces with their damn wannabe mayoral signs.  Two anti NIMBY’s voicing similar sanctimonious robotic platforms that would enable either one IF elected to further deconstruct and devastate the social wellness and livability of our city…  All you have to do discerning voters is look at their evidentiary pro density city council records over the last four years.  #EnoughBullShit

Who should our new City Council be listening to when it comes to CNV zoning… its citizens …developers …city planners or their own sanctimonious egos?

One thing that has been quite apparent over the last 4 years during mayor Mussatto’s last hurrah reign in density terror is just how DELIBERATELY DISCONNECTED the mayor, his Team Slate Councillors and all aboard Horse Trading City Councillors have become.  Willing to POPULATE our city beyond the wellness of our Regional Strategy Growth Targets and IGNORING our inner city restrictive INFRASTRUCTURE CAPABILITIES.

There will be NO SUSTAINABLE RELIEF from our current NDP MLA MA Transit Board for at least a decade.  All that is being offered by MLA Ma’s INSTPP, TransLink and our current mayor and city council is WTF: MICROMANAGING aka MISTPP-ing its residents lifestyle and commuting habits. i.e. “You will love living in our new inflated cookie cutter condos, not being able to find residential or commercial street parking while most small retail shops wont be able to find or maintain staff because of its city’s UNAFFORDABILITY.  A city whereby most resident families must make at least $100K in order to afford its livability amidst it “new norm” in:  Deconstructing heritage neighbourhoods, displacing hundreds of low-income renters while millennial families exit from our shore to years & years & years and even more years of lane closures and neverending construction zones!” #CNVunlivable  #Vote4ChangeOct20  #Enough!

And I am not the only one who feels this way – support is growing… checkout District’s Peter Teevan POV. #micromanaging  #MISTPP