A Dam-ing Reckoning Awaits the NDP in the Peace River District.

The new NDP Horgan government have reneged on their promise to the Moberly First Nation choosing to turn their backs on the First Nation People of Peace River.  Contending flooding 10,000 hectares of sacred lands and rural farmlands is worth the 4 billion dollars it will save on its debt as it offers nothing in return for the people of this province (as the voices of the First Nation People and rural farmers have nothing to offer our province). 

As the premier so callously stated:  it’s not the first time the Indigenous People will have been let down by government… there has been over 150 years (aka screwing) disappointing Indigenous People.  i.e. Why should I be the first BC Premier to respect and uphold First Nation Lands.

Source Metro News David P. Ball: “It Must Be Completed” & “Site C ‘a stain’ on reconciliation
Noteworthy… Today’s NSN “viewpoint” cartoon editorial and I are for once on the same page.


North Shore pro density MLA’s “Dumb, Dumber and Dim-wit” maintain WTF: by further increasing density levels will resolve our traffic woes!

Paul Sullivan contributing writer to the NSN reported on a recent North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce “traffic yammering” Breakfast.  A morning brekkie featuring guest “pro density” speakers MLA’s Thornthwaite, Sultan and parliamentary secretary for TransLink and pro cyclist’s Ma.  http://www.nsnews.com/opinion/columnists/sullivan-adding-housing-will-not-remove-traffic-jams-1.23103434

Three unlikely bedfellows whom have copiously rationalized and no doubt had a little help from their respective mayors and BFF city councillors, i.e. the “hostage takers” behind our traffic woes.  Despicable’s indebted to their campaign development backers and vainglorious egos; having heedlessly voted in favour of EVERY high density project after another to the point where we have now surpassed 2041 regional levels!

MLA Densifier’s Dumb, Dumber and Dim-wit (you decide which one is which), had better soon realize their pro density North Shore city councillor pals come next year’s civic elections may not as in probably won’t be re-elected with a few of these City Slickers like our mayor not running for re-election.  At which point ALL three MLA’s will be confronted by new city hall board of directors.  North Shore City Councils that won’t be in favour of more density, more unaffordable development nor will they ever be in favour of taxing our highways and bridges… and there lies your Density Fate of ever again getting re-elected.

As Grinch aka mayor Mussatto has sarcastically vetted, “Welcome to North Van, ha, ha.”

Skyrocketing rents harming the success of our businesses and the viable wellness of our city.

Back on June 5th 2015, I “forecasted” via NSN cub reporter, that it had become quite apparent to me ALL the en masse Mussatto Team Slate donor density bonus developments being pushed through city council “4 to 3” were seemingly nothing more than donor paybacks having just sold our city’s soul to their campaign developer investors.  And then rolling out the city hall red carpet welcoming with arms wide open these developers and their vulturous offshoot, offshore investors/realtors.  Elitists, gold diggers and one “DNV resident” city councillor whom would forever gentrify our city and thereby making it unaffordable for our younger families, seniors, lower, fixed and part-time income earners.  Our most vulnerable ignored, no longer having the right to live in our city; never mind ever owning a “home” in Mussatto’s Shangri-la.

But they didn’t stop just there, oh no that was not going far enough.  They were either naïvety SHORTsighted and unwittingly put the cart in front of the horse or impulsively were as city council videos continuously record i.e. encouraging the bulldoze-evictions of long time residents, the back bone of our longstanding communities and thereby diminishing our full-time and part-time labour supply needed for our local retail, restaurant businesses and light industries;  turning their backs offering little in the way of temporary or alternative housing solutions… Welcome to North Shore’s most mismanaged and unfriendly city!

… And here we are in late 2017  and still our vainglorious leader ‘Grinch’ and his Team Slate Hijackers have not offered any social housing which was offered by our province’s previous Liberal government.  But they are presently offering 10% to up to 20% “short term” on new market value rental projects whereby a discounted 2 bedroom in 2018/19 will still be unattainable for most of our 47% low income families.  The wellness of our city and the survival of our young and lower income class families has been forever compromised by Mussatto’s empowered “4 to 3” Team Slate: Mussatto, Buchanan, Keating, Back and lest we forget their on-board OCP city/urban planners.  Times they will be soon be a changin’ in 337 days!

Crybaby BC NDP whining over opposition party’s mocking of their Minister’s thin-skinned egos while re-electing, don’t tell me, OMG condescending Keating as their ‘Money Grabbing President.’

Keating: Banana fana, fe fi for feating… the Political Name Game has always been a partisan satirical “precedent”, at times Trump-ing the civility of political righteousness.  And when it comes to shameless Provincial or Federal impropriety, name calling is as innate as it is ruthless and unforgiving.  After all we are talking about our “still bought and paid for” colluding politicians whose ethics can and do embellish immorality.

And now the “indecorum” BC NDP want to halt MLA disparaging characterizations having been equally as GUILTY over the last 19 years having relentlessly mocked the previous Liberal Party.  At least Clark’s Liberals were thick-skinned, grudgingly taking it on the chin whether it be from the NDP, social media or press casting defamatory or derogatory insinuations or inflammatory characterizations.  They would simply deflect or go on the offense throwing uppercut innuendos.  That is all for the exception of one turncoat, Speaker of the House: Darryl Plecas.

GROW UP NDP or get the hell out of the kitchen… we are like it or not in the proverbial new age of no holds barred politics.  Instead of being worried about your fragile egos and self importance why not try upholding political correctness by gravitating the wellness of our province and less about your thin-skinned phobic weightlessness.

Mayor Mussatto’s “Golden Fleecing” and “Social Deconstruction” of our city is deteriorating our city’s wellness and depleting our city’s resourcefulness!

You pick up any newspaper, surf any media blog or watch your favourite television newscast and the number one most repetitive topic is just how unaffordable the lower mainland/north shore has become.  We have become a money laundering safe-haven for offshore investors with housing prices only the oh so rich can secure or those willing to carry a second or even third mortgage and or work a 60 to 72 hr. week.  A sinister and social deconstructing epidemic that has forever changed who can and who cannot live on our shores.  

Now it is very easy to blame these vulturous megalith constructors for all our traffic congestion via en mass development.  But how were these scorpion archetypes ALLOWED to out pace our inner city’s transit and infrastructures?   It comes down to one and just one common convoluting denominator…   Bought and paid for mayors and their party or team slate sell out councillors indebtedness to their HOSTAGE TAKING campaign investors and further secured by their compliant and anti green-space obedient city planners! 

And in our city all fingers point to and only point to: mayor Mussatto aka Grinch, his 3 team slate councillors: Buchanan, Keating, Back and their deconstructing OCP poorly managed city planners…  So few having the power to liberate unquantified and irreversible density mayhem.

#SocialDecontrustionism  #LestWeForget

Most Unaffordable Cities in Canada:
Source: https://www.google.ca/search?q=most+unaffordable+cities+in+canada&rlz=1C1GGRV_enCA762CA762&oq=MOST+UNAFFORDABLE+CIT&aqs=chrome.0.0l2j69i57j0l3.7477j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Canada’s Best Places to Live: #72 North Vancouver
Bike Daily to Work 1.2%
Source: http://www.moneysense.ca/canadas-best-places-to-live-create-your-own-ranking/

BC NDP introducing legislation that will ban campaign donations from corporations and unions while limiting individual contributions to $1,200… Keep in mind developers and special interest groups are not just going to rollover and play dead.

BC NDP banning donations to corporations and unions while capping individual contributions at $1,200 will go a long ways… BUT in order for this long overdue policy to have any real impact on our next election.  ALL prior donations from all sources prior October 31, 2017 made to any candidate must be DISCLOSED, made public knowledge!

This is why it is imperative for this proposed provincial legislation to eliminate Wild West Politics and must include an AMENDMENT whereby ALL CANDIDATES can only use monies collected from November 1st, 2017 onward and or must DISCLOSE ALL PRIOR CAMPAIGN DONATIONS – problem solved… or is it?  Just don’t underestimate the power of predatory developers, artful candidates, Corporate adversaries of democracy, unions and special interest groups.  They are not about to rollover and play dead!


news source; http://www.nsnews.com/opinion/editorial/editorial-the-bucks-stop-here-1.23080441

UBCM Convention highlighted just how difficult it is for mayors and city councillors to willingly surrender TAINTED MONIES.

Well once again the Union of BC Municipalities during last week’s convention were not ready nor willing to concert a majority of its members eradicating corporate and union campaign money when it comes to their 2018 re-elections err city elections.  And this bullshit argument that “this would certainly be an advantage to incumbents that people seeking a seat on council simply don’t enjoy”  Really, in small towns and villages town hall meetings should suffice.  But in every lower mainland city there is an uprising, a frustration surrounding all the unaffordable housing being constructed “at will” by bought and paid for mayors and their bankrolled infected city councillors.  I think voters wont be fooled again by any mayoral or city councillor who is being financed – indebted to a developer, union or corporate “investor.”   #wontBeFooledAgain
source: https://globalnews.ca/news/3772713/motion-to-ban-corporate-and-union-donations-in-civic-elections-stumbles/

Further, any mayor or city councillor who has willingly supported this density-mania Asian invasion like: wannabe night-mayor councillor Buchanan.  Will undoubtedly find themselves at the wrong end of the stick, targets, a bulls-eye for all “inner city” ignored, deprioritized infrastructures, parking deficiencies, traffic and transit congestion and gridlock! “Inner city density issues they created – not the province or TransLink.” … All the money in the world is not going to be enough to save their asses.  #AssButtKicking

And I see on tonight’s agenda fight card Councillor Clark is proposing: ‘Below Market Rental Units in Multi-Family Developments’.   Wanting the City to provide a minimum of 20% of units at a 10% below market rate in perpetuity.  Only problem with this is in 2/3 years when these multi-housing projects are completed market rental rates will be in the neighbourhood of $2,500 to $3,000+.  So how in the hell will our city’s 47% be able to afford $2,000 to $2,700 a month rent is beyond my cognizance.  #NorthShoreHomelessFiguresUp
source:  http://www.nsnews.com/news/north-shore-homeless-numbers-much-higher-than-thought-report-1.23050916