Two wrongs don’t make a right. A proposed $200 million ‘plus’ HJ Sportsplex to be paid by ‘sacrificing’ and ‘crushing’ an entire neighbourhood for ‘8 years’ by Mussatto’s double-dipping donor Darwin.

The feature bout from last Monday Night’s fight card was reinforcing the need for a public town hall meeting featuring this year’s Main Event:  Building a new Harry Jerome Sports Enchilada that no other North Shore city would dare venture and all on the backs of a neighbourhood who have overwhelming been against this “Sports” not ‘Community’ Rec Centre AND chained to its hip is an 8 year crushing towering OCP rezoning en masse Mussatto donor development!

The odds on favourite i.e. hitting below the money belt favours a new Community “Sporting” Harry Jerome mega structure and an en masse Darwin twin towering development i.e. basically shitting on the neighbourhood residents.  Screw you NIMBY’s, senior lawn bowlers and Norseman Park – skateboard lovers.   We (Back, Bell, Bookham, Clark) can get re-elected without your damn NIMBY support on October 20th!

Here are just a few choice video clips I pulled from last Monday’s city council meeting dealing with the new proposed HJ ‘Sports Centre’ & Darwin Lands verses the city’s neighbourhood from each councillor.  Which I am sure all will be reiterating at the June 18th Public Hearing…  Even our mayor is on record (District  Trojan Crier aka NSN) saying: you don’t buy the house and then figure out how to pay for it.

First up is Councillor Keating’s POV – pulling back the curtains!

Then along comes Councillors Bell and Back…

Wrapping up Councillors Buchanan, Bookham and Clark…

Lest we forget: November’s top most viewed…

OMG… it’s only six days until Christmas and 10 months and 1 day away from hopefully turning our backs on any Mayoral Team Slate controlling City Council come October 20, 2018.  Hopefully partisan politics and developer’s buying city halls for cheap from city mayors and councillors will be a thing of the past and we can begin deprioritizing and even eliminating bike lanes; having elected a city council who actually do live and genuinely want to begin resolving our city’s inner traffic woes and parkade our parking shortages.

November’s top five #2 may look a little suspect but it probably received the number of views it did in part due to the Global Canadian featuring a story on who and why I am running for city council in 2018.  But the top dog er rat was November’s 24th blog that exposed the grotesque salary imparity between our smaller in size and in population city compared to the 40% larger District of North Van.  And thanks again to BJ May’s de facto sleuthing.

Three of my key election platform’s is ALL mayoral, city council and city hall director/managerial positions can only be held for a maximum of two consecutive 4 year terms/contracts – no exceptions and of course repeal and replace our city’s farcical pro developer OCP and temporary freeze highrise development!  #Enough

Welcome to: Lonsdale & 13 St. 2018 Single Bus Stop Blues! A Story That Could Forever CRIPPLE Our City’s Transit.

You read more and more in our city papers the frustration to down right anger being expressed by transit commuters waiting in long lineups at bus stops throughout the lower mainland.  And our city is about to join West Vancouver City now facing: bus shortages and bus overloads – unable to accommodate city residents willing to bus it.  Now our inglorious mayors are telling us it is “not their fault” rather Metro Vancouver’s TransLink failings or the Province or Federal Government unwillingness to keep pace with their insane density level growths…really?

Can TransLink, the Province or Federal Governments OVERRIDE “a city’s decision to approve massive out of control building permits” – of course not!  This is simply an EN MASS DEVELOPER COUP D’ETAT “approved” by a majority of mayors and their city councillors that were bought and paid for during the last civic election.  Now willingly and continuously garnering and approving en mass building permits on behalf of their developer election backers catering to lucrative offshore investors/immigrants.  Willingly ignoring and building beyond their city’s infrastructure capacity, choosing instead to cater to cyclists where here in CNV less than 2% are willing to “bike to work” year round on Black Necklace bike paths at $70 an inch!

And lest we shall never forget come October 20, 2018 wannabe night-mayor Linda Buchanan and councillor Holly Back’s 100% backing of every high rise development.  #MetroVancouverCommuterOverload