Mayor Mussatto and councillor Buchanan flim-flaming – continuing to put lipstick on their self-serving pigs.

Mussatto says he stands by the legality and the ethics of his campaign fundraising and that development is key to his goal of creating sustainable (gentrified) neighbourhoods (for the rich).  Much like his CNV website page did until last year featuring his valedictorian rhetoric: “a city where EVERYONE MATTERS, a place EVERYONE can call HOME”

The next time you are stuck in traffic or find yourself on an overloaded bus or can’t find downtown parking or can’t find affordable rental housing in our city or can’t find competent local employees… here is a good place to figure out why.  “Who Paid for the 2014 Elections” htps//

…Meanwhile councillor wannabe nightmayor Buchanan is already on the record this year unwilling to confront an inconvenient truth forgetting to mention just how much over-the-top reckless density she has helped create along with her Mussatto Team Slate Hijackers: