Time correction on start time for tonight’s Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands Open House. It actually will start at 5:30 pm right in the thick of Eve’s rush hour!

My sources are not always right on target but I still trust them over anything written in the NSNews.  My apologizes as now the question is: who in the hell besides “double donor dipping” Darwin Properties is going to be there since MOST city residents will STILL be commuting, congested in homeward bound traffic.


October’s top most viewed…

The big winners in the most viewed category had to do with the erection of Lucy the one hump wonder camel that sure curtailed a lot of controversy which led to OMG two Onni employees attacking an innocent senior cripple in front of their new CentreView Towers complex.  There were two other blogs related to this camel-eon bronze nudging right on the heels of the top five.

The other two big stories of the month evolved around wasting WTF: $6million on a connector Spirit Trail Bridge that took precedent over our many crippling infrastructures.  City council choosing instead to pillage taxpayer’s money and continue to “fund” Density Mussatto’s Dead Man Walking & Cycling Legacy…  While Guy Heywood wannabe new sheriff begins to roundup his Team Slate er Team Posse.

You Can Always Count on NVCHall Demo-Eviction Experts: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.

Last Saturday on the 11th hour, on the 11th day and in this 11th month we remembered our brave Canadian soldiers, heroes who fell during the last two World Wars and during peace times.  While also giving thanks to our armed forces who continue to serve and protect the democratic rights and freedoms of our country…

Now if we could only get a majority of city councillors to SERVE AND PROTECT the democratic rights and concerns of its citizens.  Thereby renouncing their autocratic indebtedness to their 2014 developer donors and forfeit the prioritizing of bike lanes for the 1.2% whom only bike to work.  While improving and initiating parking solutions and parkades for businesses and residents caught in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic stemming from all the en masse density developments our Mussatto Team Slate have recklessly fronted.

Is asking Mussatto and his Team Councillors to be resident patriots a bridge too far?.. sadly yes.  #CNVSOL

Welcome to the Wonderful World of “Craig Who” (Keating) calling the kettle black.

During last Monday Night’s Public Input Period Fight Card, Mr. May a handicapped citizen was ridiculed by none other than Craig “Who” Keating for breach of General Rules of Conduct.  This coming from some say the most delinquent and ever elected infidel city councillor… I myself would not go quite that far, but there is certainly a lot of undeniable frustration in the growing number of voices calling for transparent and genuine accountability in governance by mayor Mussatto and his team slate city councillors.

Having talked to the handicapped citizen whom is one of my campaign supporters and in his defense it became quite apparent that perhaps historian “Craig Who” needs to recap Bylaw 8500 : Rules of Conduct Section 5:1   As Mr. May pointed out to me he did NOT actually contravene rules 5:1  (1) through (8).  He never mentioned or referred directly to a “sitting Council Member or a Government Official or a City employee” while listening to the audio only video live stream.

And wasn’t it just about a year ago when we had our last encounter with static filled streaming video at a city council meeting.  I mean with an annual city staff payroll of $44 million in a city of only 53 thousand, surely we should expect competence from our streaming techies.  Then again maybe they are simply following the lead set by our mayor’s team slate governance i.e. keeping city taxpayers in the dark.

Double Agent 2100 aka Councillor Holly Back “Get Back” to where you belong!

Councillor Holly Back’s CNV City Website “Contact Information” lists her LIVING and PAYING CITY TAXES to the DNVC!   Don’t believe me just call DNVHall they will immediately tell you and in the meantime checkout: http://www.cnv.org/your-government/mayor-and-council/councillor-holly-back.

And here is our mayor on record adamantly insisting he has NEVER been in favour in the merging, amalgamation between CNV and DNVC – in fear of losing his job?.  Yet HE KNEW back during his 2014 election campaign how hungry Ms. Back was having previously been unsuccessful getting elected in “DNVC” and thusly offered her ‘ego’ a chance to come under his artifice enriched developer Team Slate canopy…  So the question begs to be asked: “Why would Mussatto want his CNV residents to elect a candidate who does not live in our city – an agent of DNVC?”

Having a business address only in our city should never entitle the non resident proprietor the prerogative to run in our civic elections.  Even after separating all ties from said company we are never sure of their “continued bias.”  Just ask councillor Back who is all in favour with her “fellow hair salon owners” offering customers illegal free booze thereby maybe up-selling their hair products and then letting them drive off under the influence.

And further, can we not then deduce the rest of the mayor’s Team Slate knew of her alliance with “The District”.   Wannabe night-mayor Councillor Buchanan must be surely proposing the AMALGAMATION of our two cities as part of her 2018 campaign platform, as she no doubt plans having Back as her leading Team Slate member.  I mean how can she ingenuously not.   And yet another reason for many CNVites not to vote for Buchanan or Back in 348 days on October 20, 2018.

So… CNV electorate which city do you think Double Agent Holly Back is undermining err “bewitching?”

(Psst, now you know why I have been dressing Councillor Back in apropos Witch’s clothing)

#DoubleAgentHollyBack  #WitchyHollyBack

Density Darrell was out Spooking our city one LAST TIME last night and it was o-o-o-o oh so very scary!

Soon our Mussatto fronted City Hall Twilight Zone escapades will be behind us (damn I’m going to miss illustrating these) coming to an abrupt END on October 20, 2018.  Gone, gone as in oh so gone will be Mayor Mussatto ‘s pathological addiction to multi million dollar lunacy legacy projects like: the Black Never Green Bike Necklace and the golden fleeced dis-Spirited Trail links at the expense of our city’s bleeding infrastructures that are being willfully ignored by our mayor’s “4 to 3” city chamber’s Team Slate Despicables.

Other key contributing Enablers of our mayor’s DMW infamy is his financially fueled 2014 campaign Developers with their huge infusions of tax remunerations garnishing his en mass projects and yielding to below market value density transfer fees further enabling his invested developers “no pro-forma” windfall profits.

And lest we forget our $86K bonused CAO and his City Planning comrades making a mockery out of our OCP!  Forever anteing up density bonuses on behalf of less than 2% whom “bike to work” while rewriting and amending zoning bylaws designed to further facilitate Mussatto‘s developer pals projects while turning their backs on NIMBY concerns!

I can only hope this is our city’s last jaded hallowed tricking ‘n convoluting handout!

And thanks to my fellow CoffeeMates for their input into today’s featured blog.  #ScaryCityHall

When your mayoral legacy has absolutely no spending limit all shall fornicate skyward!

With that all important increase to high-rise development/project fees kicking in at the break of dawn 2018.  The race to the finish line is on – as city hall opens wide their project flood gates welcoming not only sky-high buzzards from abroad but encouraging leeching from within. “Must have” city projects that our mayor and city councillors have decreed for their imminent “departing legacies.”  And to no one’s surprise the city has put out an APP desperately needing consultants willing to appease their every wish!  …. after all they are running out of time with only 354 days left in MASSatto’s autocracy and poorly managed compliant city planners.  #CityDisconnect  #CNVSOL