A city council suspended in animation, trapped in a Twilight Zone euphemistic world!

I realize my blog at times can be quite cynical in the caricaturing of the mayor, his team slate councillors and managerial city staff.  But I have discovered over the 3 years I have posted my blog that other related and more politically correct blogs and other handle-me-with-care media outlets has not advanced or had any effect on the mayor and his 4 to 3 autocratic rule of thumb.  His vainglorious CityShaping vision consists of paving 20 million of tax payers dollars on failing bike lanes and surrendering our skyline to his OCP over densified developer investors from his 2014 re-election campaign.  The mayor’s SHORTsightedness “putting the cart ahead of the horse” has left our daily transportation infrastructures in dire gridlock while local small businesses are unable to keep or find local part time help whom in turn can no longer afford to live in our city.

For me the most disturbing aspect during Mussatto’s dictatorship reign is the loss of so many hardworking people who have landscaped, forged our city’s heritage.  Households from our once thriving lower class, people on fixed incomes, single parent families, seniors, artists and young families.  Many having been displaced, evicted from our city’s shores without a thank you or ever offering temporary housing assistance – Arrivederci, good riddance eh Grinch.

But I am beginning to read and hear more voices standing up against our mayor and his team slate councillors stranglehold on our city.  Like discerning voices on pages 3 & 4 “Change We Want” in the recently published The Global Canadian Newspaper.  Also checkout their facebook page featuring other related stories: http://www.facebook.com/theglobalcanadian/

Finally CNVites are standing up, fed up with all the density and failing related infrastructures, drawing a line in the sand… “enough is enough!”  Change in municipal governance is on its way come October 20th – Arrivederci Mussatto Team Slate councillors!

Note the logo/badge on Mussatto’s Napoleonic hat is the  iconic ‘Anarchy symbol’.  Representing the mayor and his 3 Team Slate city councillors autocratic “4 to 3” empowering decision making on ALL OCP DENSITY BONUS High Rises and bylaw amendments and higher density re-zoning on behalf of many campaign donor developers.

Warning: Entering 2018 the last chance for mayor Mussatto, his Team Slate Councillors, his City Planners and Engineers to bring our city to a contemptible gridlock freeze.

Happy New Year and in just 292 days or in 9 months and 19 days we will be saying so long, arrivederci to Mayor Mussatto and his Team Slate.  A new independent developer free city council will be surely elected, dawning a new era  freezing highrise density growth,  ending city government and developer collusion, seriously tackling unaffordable housing.  And lest we forget our crumbling transportation infrastructures in the short term and not foolishly waiting or believing in billion dollar wet dreams like tunnels, SkyTrain rails over Second Narrows.  TransLink is first and foremost willing to ignore the North Shore and deal with the serious transit shortages felt in Surrey, Richmond and Langley.

We can’t and should not have to wait for the estimated ten years before TransLink finally completes a bridge or tunnel – alleviating North Shore commuter congestion.  We need to include and then look beyond TransLink in order to resolve i.e. re-engineer our immediate short transportation/commuter failings undermined by our North Shore city councils ramrodding density levels beyond our city’s transportation capacities.  Competition is good for the transportation soul…