Warning! The following video may be offensive, caution is advised, especially those who thought city council meeting decorum was held to a higher standard.

At last Monday night’s city council meeting the mayor was whining and crying foul how he and his team slate councillors can’t get respect during the Public Input Period… Does the word HYPOCRITE ever come to mind Grinch.  I couldn’t help but take a second look at a city council meeting on July 17 of this year.  And lo and behold our mayor counterblow’s his self proclaimed righteousness with his own out of order, unruly retort, chuckling “ha, welcome to North Van”.

A few minutes prior, look closely, camera right at councillor Keating aka BC NDP President waving goodbye to Mr. Wilkinson having been ordered out of chambers by flustered and unhinged Mussatto.  The Wilkinson’s were quite upset over the fact they never had been told about the city’s complicit bowling alley gaffe, having bought a condo in the Onni CentreView Camel-not complex.  And Premier John Horgan, you must be so damn proud of your party’s contemptible NDP President.

…If you dare take a 2 hour flashback at that night’s fight card from the 3:32 hour/minute mark onward, listen closely to the remarks made by the Wilkinson’s at the Bowling Alley Public Hearing and by the mayor’s large campaign donor Onni and of course Mussatto’s Team Slate Despicable’s approving the Onni Bowling Alley from the July 17 video.  You may like the Wilkinson’s and so many other concerned residents realize why they won’t be voting for wannabe mayor Buchanan and Councillor Back on election day October 20, 2018.  http://www.cnv.org/your-government/council-meetings/2017-meetings/council-videos


Crybaby BC NDP whining over opposition party’s mocking of their Minister’s thin-skinned egos while re-electing, don’t tell me, OMG condescending Keating as their ‘Money Grabbing President.’

Keating: Banana fana, fe fi for feating… the Political Name Game has always been a partisan satirical “precedent”, at times Trump-ing the civility of political righteousness.  And when it comes to shameless Provincial or Federal impropriety, name calling is as innate as it is ruthless and unforgiving.  After all we are talking about our “still bought and paid for” colluding politicians whose ethics can and do embellish immorality.

And now the “indecorum” BC NDP want to halt MLA disparaging characterizations having been equally as GUILTY over the last 19 years having relentlessly mocked the previous Liberal Party.  At least Clark’s Liberals were thick-skinned, grudgingly taking it on the chin whether it be from the NDP, social media or press casting defamatory or derogatory insinuations or inflammatory characterizations.  They would simply deflect or go on the offense throwing uppercut innuendos.  That is all for the exception of one turncoat, Speaker of the House: Darryl Plecas.

GROW UP NDP or get the hell out of the kitchen… we are like it or not in the proverbial new age of no holds barred politics.  Instead of being worried about your fragile egos and self importance why not try upholding political correctness by gravitating the wellness of our province and less about your thin-skinned phobic weightlessness.

BC NDP introducing legislation that will ban campaign donations from corporations and unions while limiting individual contributions to $1,200… Keep in mind developers and special interest groups are not just going to rollover and play dead.

BC NDP banning donations to corporations and unions while capping individual contributions at $1,200 will go a long ways… BUT in order for this long overdue policy to have any real impact on our next election.  ALL prior donations from all sources prior October 31, 2017 made to any candidate must be DISCLOSED, made public knowledge!

This is why it is imperative for this proposed provincial legislation to eliminate Wild West Politics and must include an AMENDMENT whereby ALL CANDIDATES can only use monies collected from November 1st, 2017 onward and or must DISCLOSE ALL PRIOR CAMPAIGN DONATIONS – problem solved… or is it?  Just don’t underestimate the power of predatory developers, artful candidates, Corporate adversaries of democracy, unions and special interest groups.  They are not about to rollover and play dead!


news source; http://www.nsnews.com/opinion/editorial/editorial-the-bucks-stop-here-1.23080441

“Pinocchio Nose Only Lies”

A lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.  Just ask CNV mayor Density Massutto or better yet ask its latest compliant: BC NDP Leader (Hulk) Horgan.  Whom I like to flesh colour green because of his apparent hulking temper and the Green Party that runs through his veins keeping him in power – now you know.  #PinocchioNoseOnlyLies

NDP’s Sept 11th first Budget for far too many in the lower 47% income bracket had their hopes cast aside much like every other provincial government immediately after being empowered.  Promises reconfigured, put on a TBD back burner, probably never seeing the light of day like Horgan’s:  $10-a-day child-care program.  The elimination of Medical Service Plan premiums and lest we forget a much needed $400 annual subsidy for renters.  ALL still in the works for another day, maybe in their next budget, or the one after or maybe after the next election when/if the NDP hold a legitimate solo majority… sound familiar?  #dontHoldyourBreath

source: https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/bc-ndps-first-budget-begins-remake-of-province-but-puts-off-most-expensive-promises/article36230695/