Warning! The following video may be offensive, caution is advised, especially those who thought city council meeting decorum was held to a higher standard.

At last Monday night’s city council meeting the mayor was whining and crying foul how he and his team slate councillors can’t get respect during the Public Input Period… Does the word HYPOCRITE ever come to mind Grinch.  I couldn’t help but take a second look at a city council meeting on July 17 of this year.  And lo and behold our mayor counterblow’s his self proclaimed righteousness with his own out of order, unruly retort, chuckling “ha, welcome to North Van”.

A few minutes prior, look closely, camera right at councillor Keating aka BC NDP President waving goodbye to Mr. Wilkinson having been ordered out of chambers by flustered and unhinged Mussatto.  The Wilkinson’s were quite upset over the fact they never had been told about the city’s complicit bowling alley gaffe, having bought a condo in the Onni CentreView Camel-not complex.  And Premier John Horgan, you must be so damn proud of your party’s contemptible NDP President.

…If you dare take a 2 hour flashback at that night’s fight card from the 3:32 hour/minute mark onward, listen closely to the remarks made by the Wilkinson’s at the Bowling Alley Public Hearing and by the mayor’s large campaign donor Onni and of course Mussatto’s Team Slate Despicable’s approving the Onni Bowling Alley from the July 17 video.  You may like the Wilkinson’s and so many other concerned residents realize why they won’t be voting for wannabe mayor Buchanan and Councillor Back on election day October 20, 2018.  http://www.cnv.org/your-government/council-meetings/2017-meetings/council-videos


Darwin Construction aka Darwin Properties CASHING IN their $5K campaign donation reward points!

Shamelessly proud was the tenor expressed in the city’s announcement of its latest prized ungreening of city land!  Yes, the existing HJCRC facility is just over 50 years old but DOES NOT need to replaced.  Rather what should be transpiring is simply pushing aside all city councillor egos and presumed legacies and initiate a state of the art overhaul to our rec centre with our fellow two North Shore Municipalities “contributing” to the to be modernized, upgraded HJCRC facility by constructing bucket wish items like: an Olympic size swimming pool, a 500 meter indoor track or newfound curling rinks.  Is not our tiny enclaved city not congested and fractured enough City Councillors!

There is an upcoming first public open house on Dec. 6th, but really why the fawk bother.  All you have to do is not go all that far back in time when Hollyburn’s new Marlborough 3 commercial apartment complex had its public hearings and NOT ONE PUBLIC HEARING or any COMMUNITY PETITION MADE ANY DIFFERENCE – NO MATTER HOW STRONG THE OPPOSITION!  It was a per-ordained done deal that convoluted increased floor density by WTF: selling our City Hall’s air space at below market value to these vultures!  Does anyone for a one moment not think that the SAME COLLUSION TACTICS will be made readily available unless…

There is an overdue civic election coming to town next October and with final approval on this project tentatively scheduled for next summer.  I.E. will either wannabe mayor Councillor Buchanan or DNVC resident Back join Councillors Bell, Clark and Bookham and compromise their chances in being elected by having their names pegged to this suicidal, high density, traffic/transit nightmare.  We know Mussatto and Keating have expressed concerns over any need for such a costly super-structure and without either yea vote, Buchanan or Back would have to cross the floor, default their Team Slate allegiance.  And the odds of that ever happening should leave any new HJCRC plans on the drawing board… I can dream can’t I.

October’s top most viewed…

The big winners in the most viewed category had to do with the erection of Lucy the one hump wonder camel that sure curtailed a lot of controversy which led to OMG two Onni employees attacking an innocent senior cripple in front of their new CentreView Towers complex.  There were two other blogs related to this camel-eon bronze nudging right on the heels of the top five.

The other two big stories of the month evolved around wasting WTF: $6million on a connector Spirit Trail Bridge that took precedent over our many crippling infrastructures.  City council choosing instead to pillage taxpayer’s money and continue to “fund” Density Mussatto’s Dead Man Walking & Cycling Legacy…  While Guy Heywood wannabe new sheriff begins to roundup his Team Slate er Team Posse.

Skyrocketing rents harming the success of our businesses and the viable wellness of our city.

Back on June 5th 2015, I “forecasted” via NSN cub reporter, that it had become quite apparent to me ALL the en masse Mussatto Team Slate donor density bonus developments being pushed through city council “4 to 3” were seemingly nothing more than donor paybacks having just sold our city’s soul to their campaign developer investors.  And then rolling out the city hall red carpet welcoming with arms wide open these developers and their vulturous offshoot, offshore investors/realtors.  Elitists, gold diggers and one “DNV resident” city councillor whom would forever gentrify our city and thereby making it unaffordable for our younger families, seniors, lower, fixed and part-time income earners.  Our most vulnerable ignored, no longer having the right to live in our city; never mind ever owning a “home” in Mussatto’s Shangri-la.

But they didn’t stop just there, oh no that was not going far enough.  They were either naïvety SHORTsighted and unwittingly put the cart in front of the horse or impulsively were as city council videos continuously record i.e. encouraging the bulldoze-evictions of long time residents, the back bone of our longstanding communities and thereby diminishing our full-time and part-time labour supply needed for our local retail, restaurant businesses and light industries;  turning their backs offering little in the way of temporary or alternative housing solutions… Welcome to North Shore’s most mismanaged and unfriendly city!

… And here we are in late 2017  and still our vainglorious leader ‘Grinch’ and his Team Slate Hijackers have not offered any social housing which was offered by our province’s previous Liberal government.  But they are presently offering 10% to up to 20% “short term” on new market value rental projects whereby a discounted 2 bedroom in 2018/19 will still be unattainable for most of our 47% low income families.  The wellness of our city and the survival of our young and lower income class families has been forever compromised by Mussatto’s empowered “4 to 3” Team Slate: Mussatto, Buchanan, Keating, Back and lest we forget their on-board OCP city/urban planners.  Times they will be soon be a changin’ in 337 days!

Mayor Mussatto’s “Golden Fleecing” and “Social Deconstruction” of our city is deteriorating our city’s wellness and depleting our city’s resourcefulness!

You pick up any newspaper, surf any media blog or watch your favourite television newscast and the number one most repetitive topic is just how unaffordable the lower mainland/north shore has become.  We have become a money laundering safe-haven for offshore investors with housing prices only the oh so rich can secure or those willing to carry a second or even third mortgage and or work a 60 to 72 hr. week.  A sinister and social deconstructing epidemic that has forever changed who can and who cannot live on our shores.  

Now it is very easy to blame these vulturous megalith constructors for all our traffic congestion via en mass development.  But how were these scorpion archetypes ALLOWED to out pace our inner city’s transit and infrastructures?   It comes down to one and just one common convoluting denominator…   Bought and paid for mayors and their party or team slate sell out councillors indebtedness to their HOSTAGE TAKING campaign investors and further secured by their compliant and anti green-space obedient city planners! 

And in our city all fingers point to and only point to: mayor Mussatto aka Grinch, his 3 team slate councillors: Buchanan, Keating, Back and their deconstructing OCP poorly managed city planners…  So few having the power to liberate unquantified and irreversible density mayhem.

#SocialDecontrustionism  #LestWeForget

Most Unaffordable Cities in Canada:
Source: https://www.google.ca/search?q=most+unaffordable+cities+in+canada&rlz=1C1GGRV_enCA762CA762&oq=MOST+UNAFFORDABLE+CIT&aqs=chrome.0.0l2j69i57j0l3.7477j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Canada’s Best Places to Live: #72 North Vancouver
Bike Daily to Work 1.2%
Source: http://www.moneysense.ca/canadas-best-places-to-live-create-your-own-ranking/

Welcome to the Wonderful World of “Craig Who” (Keating) calling the kettle black.

During last Monday Night’s Public Input Period Fight Card, Mr. May a handicapped citizen was ridiculed by none other than Craig “Who” Keating for breach of General Rules of Conduct.  This coming from some say the most delinquent and ever elected infidel city councillor… I myself would not go quite that far, but there is certainly a lot of undeniable frustration in the growing number of voices calling for transparent and genuine accountability in governance by mayor Mussatto and his team slate city councillors.

Having talked to the handicapped citizen whom is one of my campaign supporters and in his defense it became quite apparent that perhaps historian “Craig Who” needs to recap Bylaw 8500 : Rules of Conduct Section 5:1   As Mr. May pointed out to me he did NOT actually contravene rules 5:1  (1) through (8).  He never mentioned or referred directly to a “sitting Council Member or a Government Official or a City employee” while listening to the audio only video live stream.

And wasn’t it just about a year ago when we had our last encounter with static filled streaming video at a city council meeting.  I mean with an annual city staff payroll of $44 million in a city of only 53 thousand, surely we should expect competence from our streaming techies.  Then again maybe they are simply following the lead set by our mayor’s team slate governance i.e. keeping city taxpayers in the dark.

Double Agent 2100 aka Councillor Holly Back “Get Back” to where you belong!

Councillor Holly Back’s CNV City Website “Contact Information” lists her LIVING and PAYING CITY TAXES to the DNVC!   Don’t believe me just call DNVHall they will immediately tell you and in the meantime checkout: http://www.cnv.org/your-government/mayor-and-council/councillor-holly-back.

And here is our mayor on record adamantly insisting he has NEVER been in favour in the merging, amalgamation between CNV and DNVC – in fear of losing his job?.  Yet HE KNEW back during his 2014 election campaign how hungry Ms. Back was having previously been unsuccessful getting elected in “DNVC” and thusly offered her ‘ego’ a chance to come under his artifice enriched developer Team Slate canopy…  So the question begs to be asked: “Why would Mussatto want his CNV residents to elect a candidate who does not live in our city – an agent of DNVC?”

Having a business address only in our city should never entitle the non resident proprietor the prerogative to run in our civic elections.  Even after separating all ties from said company we are never sure of their “continued bias.”  Just ask councillor Back who is all in favour with her “fellow hair salon owners” offering customers illegal free booze thereby maybe up-selling their hair products and then letting them drive off under the influence.

And further, can we not then deduce the rest of the mayor’s Team Slate knew of her alliance with “The District”.   Wannabe night-mayor Councillor Buchanan must be surely proposing the AMALGAMATION of our two cities as part of her 2018 campaign platform, as she no doubt plans having Back as her leading Team Slate member.  I mean how can she ingenuously not.   And yet another reason for many CNVites not to vote for Buchanan or Back in 348 days on October 20, 2018.

So… CNV electorate which city do you think Double Agent Holly Back is undermining err “bewitching?”

(Psst, now you know why I have been dressing Councillor Back in apropos Witch’s clothing)

#DoubleAgentHollyBack  #WitchyHollyBack