Lest we forget September’s most viewed…

Looking back on my September blogs it is becoming increasingly apparent our most vulnerable i.e. low income earners, seniors. those with disabilities, on fixed incomes, artists along with declining part-time workers needing affordable rental accommodations.  They are being left literally behind in construction dust by costly condo high rises and unattainable new rental housing.  We are NO LONGER a wholesome, healthy 3 class society rather sparring one against the other.  A city headed towards economic elites self-destruction.

Mussatto and his hijacking Team Slate Councillors and bungling City Planners have been deliberately procuring density levels beyond our city’s infrastructure and transportation capacities.  Equating to a gentrified landslide, whereby if all three classes do not equally succeed we will sink deeper and deeper into developer sludge… heralded by psycho-ling path Density Darrell at $70 an inch.

Mayor Mussatto’s Proverbial “Inconvenient Truth” Realized Once Again!

And on it goes… so many of our communities being turned upside down, longtime residents  being displaced, abandoned by our psycho-ling path mayor who thinks all is great in his fornicating concrete Shangri-la.

The following is based on an encounter our bought and paid for mayor had earlier in the week.  Doing what he does best i.e. vaingloriously steadfast in self-denial, running away from conflict,  turning his back on its very backbone.  Archetypal whom shaped our city – welcoming all.  Imaginaries whom can no longer afford to live in MASSatto’s dystopia.

#UnaffordableHousing  #RunningForCover