August most viewed and then there was this bronze four-legged controversy… something right out of the Mussatto’s Twilight Zone.

Though there were no city council meetings in August of course, of course.  City residents were expressing to me all the while about the seemingly endless, en mass maddening construction sites and shrinking retail/commercial parking spaces.  And as city council headed into summer break there were city councillors willfully wanting to build a new Harry Jerome Enchilada Mega Dome whereby the trade-off is WTF: MORE DENSITY.  OMDB!   #EnoughDensity

Also in August though I did not publish this until ‘September 1st’… out of  the blue appeared this bronze four legged one hump camel placed in front of Onni’s no earthquake zone at ground zero twin towers on the corner of Lonsdale and 13th.  A precariously out-of-place beautifully carved bronze camel misrepresenting the type of camels used by our north shore miners during the mid 1800’s mini gold rush.  It has since been hoarded i.e. boarded-up until a plaque is made that will somehow explain away the fact that his is NOT the breed of camel used back in the day… can’t wait for the city’s derelict explanation via the art jury’s decision being so grotesquely negligent.


ICBC North Shore HQ: Truth Be Known

The NSNews release of the precarious financial state of ICBC’s HQ, also and just as importantly revealed just how many of its employees do not “live and work” within our restricted city limits.  A Corporate exec and a few managers I know also prefer not to live in our prohibitive priced congested concrete jungle.  Our mayor’s towering impulsive density mania is having an adverse and irreversible effect raising the bar in who can and who cannot afford to “live and work” in a city fixated in high-rise fornication.  A city controlled by a psycho-ling path Grinch and his 3 proverbial beholden team city councillors

NSN Exclusive:

Vancouver Metro Front Page this morning: “ICBC rates to jump” Now I see the NDP via the Attorney General are about to hike insurance premiums to a minimum 6.4% averaging out to about 8% or $130 MORE a year – thanks to Clark’s shady wheelin’ n dealin’ during her governing years!


“Bike More…Drive Less” unless you are our “I love my Lexus” mayor and MOST CITY RESIDENTS!

Last week “driving” across the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge “to and fro” mid day I was caught in volume traffic as always and while crawling across the bridge I could not help but notice… there was NOT ONE CYCLIST crossing over the bridge.  And the week prior driving across the bridge at noon hour I saw ONLY TWO CYCLISTS crossing Iron Workers bridge both on very summery afternoons.

This only CONTINUALLY PROVES North Shore (city) residents first choice of transportation is not cycling when it comes to traveling outside of their comfort zone.  And for that matter MOST city residents are not pro cyclists, rather weekend seasonal peddlers ‘weather permitting’ and NEVER AFTER DARK on our poorly lit residential streets.

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