Hopelessly hoping while traffic bumpers along and unaffordable housing soars higher and higher and even higher!

Did you know… Seymour Village Phase 3 is proudly bragging they are presenting the lowest affordable new 2 and 3 bedroom town homes on the North Shore starting at ONLY 999,950!  And then closer to home we have Green on Queensbury 1 to 3 bedroom condo and town homes from $850,000 to over $1,260,00 (not wanting to admit they will cost more).

How many 20/30 something families do you know can afford $4K monthly mortgage payments, or pay $2K monthly for rent while still having enough money left over for their children’s education, clothing, sporting equipment, piano lessons to putting food on the table… none, thought so.  #We’reOnTheEveOfGentrification

And then during last weekend North Shore traffic came to a stand still Saturday afternoon due to a Second Narrows Bridge and Upper Levels accidents keeping traffic bottle-necked for hours.  Traffic chaos all our North Shore mayors and city councils have voted in favour in their pursuit in continuing to permit over capacity development within their cities.  #NorthShoreSOL 

And… it should be to no one’s surprise our leading M.I.A. city councillor Keating CHOSE NOT TO ATTEND the city council’s last 2017 meeting and retreat into the new year.  #ContemptibleKeating



North Shore’s “resistance” to slow down condo developments led by Mayor Mussatto means our traffic woes are here to stay probably for decades!

CBC Vancouver Municipal Affairs reporter Justin McElroy writes: “Is there hope for a North Shore transportation solution anytime soon?”  While of course not, and not for decades thanks to the likes of our mayor and his controlling Team Slate City Council Hijackers Buchanan, Keating, Back.

I was taken aback by bullshitter Mussatto’s falsehood quip: “We’re trying to do work to find out what’s really going on with the traffic, what’s causing that, and we want to address solutions in a proper way.”  Again BULLSHIT, he knows EXACTLY what has caused our traffic woes – his maniacal density push by autocratically strong-arming density levels beyond 2014 Regional Growth Strategy Levels and constructing FAILING $20+ million bike lanes!  The essentials on which his legacy will forever and justifiably be judged.

And tonight there is a Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands Open House starting conveniently at 5:30 (no time for dinner having just been caught up in commuter gridlocked traffic).  It is to be held at the North Vancouver School District Mountain View room on 2121 Lonsdale Ave. North Van…

From my POV it would be best if residents simply stayed away and enjoyed a family dinner at home or night out because it is “already a done deal” and the drawings DO NOT OFFER SOCIAL HOUSING.  And the developer will be deflecting all “unforeseen, not our problem,” increased traffic congestion and guaranteed overcrowded busing.  Any resident input much like Hollyburn’s Marlborough 3 apartment complex now under construction and about to bottleneck traffic along Lonsdale and 13 St. will be graciously received with disingenuous deaf ears!  Remember Darwin Properties INVESTED not once but TWICE into the willing hostage takeover of our mayor’s 2014 campaign.  #CNVSOL

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/north-shore-transportation-november-2017-1.4429266

Warning! The following video may be offensive, caution is advised, especially those who thought city council meeting decorum was held to a higher standard.

At last Monday night’s city council meeting the mayor was whining and crying foul how he and his team slate councillors can’t get respect during the Public Input Period… Does the word HYPOCRITE ever come to mind Grinch.  I couldn’t help but take a second look at a city council meeting on July 17 of this year.  And lo and behold our mayor counterblow’s his self proclaimed righteousness with his own out of order, unruly retort, chuckling “ha, welcome to North Van”.

A few minutes prior, look closely, camera right at councillor Keating aka BC NDP President waving goodbye to Mr. Wilkinson having been ordered out of chambers by flustered and unhinged Mussatto.  The Wilkinson’s were quite upset over the fact they never had been told about the city’s complicit bowling alley gaffe, having bought a condo in the Onni CentreView Camel-not complex.  And Premier John Horgan, you must be so damn proud of your party’s contemptible NDP President.

…If you dare take a 2 hour flashback at that night’s fight card from the 3:32 hour/minute mark onward, listen closely to the remarks made by the Wilkinson’s at the Bowling Alley Public Hearing and by the mayor’s large campaign donor Onni and of course Mussatto’s Team Slate Despicable’s approving the Onni Bowling Alley from the July 17 video.  You may like the Wilkinson’s and so many other concerned residents realize why they won’t be voting for wannabe mayor Buchanan and Councillor Back on election day October 20, 2018.  http://www.cnv.org/your-government/council-meetings/2017-meetings/council-videos

Why doesn’t Grinch Mussatto turn a good chunk of the HJCRC Lands into Social Housing… oh that’s right our mayor SOLD them to one of his vulturine pal’s!

The Tyee on Nov. 20 featured an article by Jessica Barrett: “Five Policies That Would Have Helped Me Stay in Vancouver” All polices take ready aim – firing solutions to our GVR housing crisis.  But unfortunately #4 has very LITTLE CHANCE of ever seeing daylight, especially here in our city until after October 20, 2018 in 46 weeks and 5 days from now – a time eternity for so many of us CNVites.  https://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2017/11/20/Policies-To-Help-Afford-Vancouver/?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=201117

And right on cue Grinch’s #1 pro mayor NSNews last Friday conveniently did what it does best i.e. babble on and on about our city’s indebtedness to Density Darrell’s developer pal and campaign double-dipping investor Darwin Properties.  Up-selling sugarcoated collusion while ignoring the adverse effects in having MORE deconstruction, lane closures, gridlocked traffic, further transit overcrowding, air and noise pollution’s and the pillaging of even more of our city’s depleting green spaces at the expense of a mayor’s vainglorious failing legacy.  #MussattoDMW  http://www.nsnews.com/news/harry-jerome-neighbourhoods-lands-envisioned-1.23103770

Are CNVH Big Cheezies Overpaid?… And I know just the location we could use to take advantage of some of Prime Minister Trudeau’s just announced 100,000 new AFFORDABLE HOUSING UNITS.

But first, ever curious about how much you could make at the upper echelon in management at City Hall and then compare it to the same salaried positions at our sister city DNV, I know I have…  So without further adieu here are the actual salaries given and offered to The Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)   And keep in mind there is no employee bonuses indexed, but we all know our CAO Tollstam did receive at least one bonus this year for WTF: $86K fermenting his salary to $355K!!
PDF source: https://www.dnv.org/our-government/statement-financial-information-sofi
Source Credit: CNV BJ May

And in other relevant media news… Prime Minister Trudeau is offering a Housing Plan aimed to help 530K vulnerable Canadian households!  OMG, he is going to build across Canada (that could and should include CNV) 100,000 new AFFORDABLE housing units and spend $300K repairing existing stock like as in our city and cutting homelessness in half…  And I know just the right size chunk of land we can use to build many new affordable multi home units within our city.

Why doesn’t our city council propose in part using the “Redevelopment of the Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands!”  This is the only way I would or could ever support a new HJCRC complex.

But let’s not kid ourselves CNVites there is no fawking way donor indebted Mussatto will be in favour after green lighting these prized lands to his indebted vulturous campaign Darwin deconstructs.  The mandate would ultimately need a majority of 4 councillors sitting at the head table in city hall chamber’s.

Perhaps there could be one loose link in Mussatto’s Team Slate Chain aka city councillor and wannabe mayor Buchanan.  And if Buchanan should vote in favour using these HJCRC Lands for social housing i.e. jumps ship, I do hereby swear to remove the grazed glasses I currently have her wearing – honest!… But like always the odds of any Team Slate councillor crossing their beloved Master is slim to none.

LL BIA in Unison with our Vainglorious Mayor has unbeknownst Bypassed City Councillors need to Approve a Winter’s Ferris Wheel dubbed Sky Wheel.

Last Sunday’s er Monday’s North Shore News featured a story on a Ferris er Sky Wheel coming to town…And here we go once again, anytime our despot mayor can serpentine around city council’s approval for a possible earmarked legacy, he surely will and can thanks to his compliant Zoning\Permitting Depots.  What’s the loophole this time Grinch… it is because it’s only temporary thereby so far so good no need for structural or safety shortcomings statutory to peer 7.   Let me guess West Coast Amusements are going to “tell us” what the requirements should be in order for them to “approve and erect their ferris wheel.”

I certainly do hope the ferris wheel is enjoyed by many North Shorians and lower mainlanders.  But it is always this continuous Mussatto back door politicking, spoiling the optics for the carney ride, eroding its legitimacy.  i.e.. LL BIA colluding with our incredulous mayor bypassing city council’s majority rule approval.  Realizing last summer’s Buchanan’s spinning wheel was in hindsight a carney bust.

And on a worthy footnote today’s cartoon like so many before purports an underlying anti Black Necklace bike theme.  But this time it is substantially validated by:  https://www.insidehalton.com/news-story/7933260-burlington-city-staff-calls-for-end-of-new-street-bike-lanes-pilot-project/  …it’s never too late to take back our city from our CNV’s less than 2% year round cyclists at $70 an inch!

Darwin Construction aka Darwin Properties CASHING IN their $5K campaign donation reward points!

Shamelessly proud was the tenor expressed in the city’s announcement of its latest prized ungreening of city land!  Yes, the existing HJCRC facility is just over 50 years old but DOES NOT need to replaced.  Rather what should be transpiring is simply pushing aside all city councillor egos and presumed legacies and initiate a state of the art overhaul to our rec centre with our fellow two North Shore Municipalities “contributing” to the to be modernized, upgraded HJCRC facility by constructing bucket wish items like: an Olympic size swimming pool, a 500 meter indoor track or newfound curling rinks.  Is not our tiny enclaved city not congested and fractured enough City Councillors!

There is an upcoming first public open house on Dec. 6th, but really why the fawk bother.  All you have to do is not go all that far back in time when Hollyburn’s new Marlborough 3 commercial apartment complex had its public hearings and NOT ONE PUBLIC HEARING or any COMMUNITY PETITION MADE ANY DIFFERENCE – NO MATTER HOW STRONG THE OPPOSITION!  It was a per-ordained done deal that convoluted increased floor density by WTF: selling our City Hall’s air space at below market value to these vultures!  Does anyone for a one moment not think that the SAME COLLUSION TACTICS will be made readily available unless…

There is an overdue civic election coming to town next October and with final approval on this project tentatively scheduled for next summer.  I.E. will either wannabe mayor Councillor Buchanan or DNVC resident Back join Councillors Bell, Clark and Bookham and compromise their chances in being elected by having their names pegged to this suicidal, high density, traffic/transit nightmare.  We know Mussatto and Keating have expressed concerns over any need for such a costly super-structure and without either yea vote, Buchanan or Back would have to cross the floor, default their Team Slate allegiance.  And the odds of that ever happening should leave any new HJCRC plans on the drawing board… I can dream can’t I.