Last kick at our city council wildcats running in tomorrow’s election… #Vote4ChangeOct20

Ready, set… we are about to elect (hopefully) a new CNV Council.  The only real measuring stick we have had in electing a new mayor and 6 city councillors is really from only two public forum debates.  Though there have been a number of sparse podcasts, lots of polluting lawn signs and local newspaper ads featuring tomorrow’s candidate’s promises. 

As far as the OMG 24 candidates running for city council it may unfortunately come down to: “A candidate” comes before “Z candidate” luck of the draw... #democracyLeftOvers

My point of contention is first and foremost every voter should be made aware wannabe night-mayor Linda Buchanan has five covert candidates in her hip pocket hoping to manipulate and CONTROL city council’s agenda & priorities i.e. yet another damn Team Slate!

And so thusly I will not be voting for any of Buchanan’s TEAM COVERT five whipped candidates for city council:
1. Angela Girard  2. Tina Hu   3 .Mack McCorkindale   4. Jessica McIIory  5. Bret Thorurn  #BuchananTeamCovert

And when it comes down to who is best tailored to be mayor moving forward i.e. head-on into Mussatto’s fornicating CityShaping and commuter gridlock… In one corner you have Guy Heywood and Kerry Morris probably splitting the common sense vote.  While Linda Buchanan and Rod Clark will be splitting the “new norm” vote.  Two scenarios that could lead to millennial Michael Willcock being handed the keys to the mayor’s office…  We will know in less than 48 hours.

UPDATE 8:30 am: Despicable wannabe mayor Rod Clark, an employee of “Apex West Homes,” is ENGAGED in the business of selling North Vancouver homes OFFSHORE using a RENT-TO-OWN scheme designed to avoid the 15% Foreign Home Ownership Tax.  Kerry Morris also running for mayor says: “These sales are a part of the pressure driving up housing prices on the North Shore and making it difficult for residents and their children to buy into this market and remain a part of the community.”

If you do not know where your voting station is go to:

And here is my last kick at the cat aimed at our four city council convoluting despicables running in tomorrow’s city elections.

CNV Mayoral Debate Opening Discerns… as well as exposing a little night-mayorish density horror!

I received a link to a number of individual video clips that covered the entire Centennial Theatre Mayoral Debate from last Monday Night.  I wish I had the time to seamlessly pull together all 11 segments of the youtube video into “one.”
But I am running out of time with a number of freelance projects to cross-off my list before surrendering my North Vancouver residency in just nine days  – yikes.  #SustainableSeniorHorizons – here I come.

The first video features all 5 mayoral candidates putting their best foot forward announcing why they should be our next mayor.  I did a little intro clean up editing on each wannabe mayor candidate that should not diminish or take away any mayoral candidate’s tenor…  But I did however superimpose a couple captions over Councillors Buchanan and Clark video frames as the intent of my blog since day one has always been to expose just how convoluting, disconnected and polarized our city politics has sorely become under our mayor’s “4 to 3” Team Slate and by our other three horse trading City Councillors!

My taken aback moment was when the debate turned to the question (paraphrasing) “is there too much density in our city” and WTF: hearing Councillor Buchanan affirm: “I’m comfortable with where we are in the density that we put in and where we put it.”

Does this not suspect one to believe the Darwin Construction’s 850+ unit unprecedented twin towers horse trading takeover of the Harry Jerome Lands whereby Buchanan did not vote in favour was nothing more than a two step con job.  Knowing full-well her fellow Team Slate non city resident Holly Back was going to tip the scales in favour of the project thus letting herself and our unscrupulous mayor off the hook.  #despicables  #Vote4ChangeOct20  #TimeToChangeCourse

What ‘Porta Potty’ Councillors Buchanan and Clark will best be remembered for… I mean all you have to do is look at their proverbial wheeling n’ dealing hee haw city council fornicating records.

It was pointed out to me by a couple of my CoffeeMates in Wednesday’s NSN; whereby each of the four more familiar known candidates were given full page ads declaring why they should be CNV’s next mayor.  Biggest standout for everyone at my java table was make no mistake about; was over what our two notorious incumbent’s rendered to ink.

Between all the chuckles and disgust they were not at all surprised to read how these two artful dodgers want to be personified in their attempt in becoming CNV’s next Mussatto-like mayor.  #misdirection

BOTH wannabe night-mayor Buchanan and horse trader Clark, DO NOT want you to dwell over the amount of fornicating density they willingly procured within the limited confines of our city.   BOTH these NIMBY HATERS do not want you to remember with every new highrise development start they voted in favour has had an unsettling adverse impact on our neighbourhoods.  Nor do they want you to remember with every new rental development they readily displaced (off-shored) between 2015 to 2017 hundreds of longtime city residents from their rental units.  It wasn’t really until this year they realized the negative social and economic impact it was having on our city.  #NIMBYhaters

BOTH NEVER argued or have demanded that their developer (horsetrading) buds should ever have to worry or be accountable over the amount of INCREASED traffic/commuter volume or the DENSITY SHOCK their developments are or will have on our enclaved city’s immediate social and economic wellness.  #timeToChangeCourse  #EnoughDensityShock

Surely to no one’s surprise Mussatto’s surrogate “Crooked Buchanan” Sidesteps City Election Bike Rack Sign Bylaws… Opening the flood gates for other candidates to: “if you can get’em grab’em.”

News Flash: Crooked Buchanan has with a little inside help from her City Hall friends and with a little more direct help from bike rack sign lessees is able to SUBLEASE bike rack stands and thereby avoid breaking any bike rack city sign bylaws… However the lessee MUST BE registered as a “Third Party Sponsor” and make a financial disclosure to Elections BC.  I would also liked to have seen on each one of these ‘subleased’ bike rack signs WHO is sponsoring which mayoral or city councillor candidate. 

Interesting is now Kerry “Nitro” Morris has replaced his previous non mayoral related bike rack signs with signs saying “Yes, I am running for mayor”… is he subleasing from himself – hmm.  It should also be noted that Ken Izatt running for NVC council has a couple of these sublease bike rack signs.  I haven’t seen any Hoss horse trading Clark bike rack signs but that doesn’t mean they are not out there or will shortly find their way to a bike rack stand or maybe bus stop shelter sign near you.  All bets are off when it comes to any city sign bylaws equal playing field.  #SignWars

Ethically are any of these candidates the type of administrators you want governing our city. i.e. looking for loopholes in our city bylaws they can easily manipulate… as always you decide.

Tonight’s waning last quarter city council meeting offers up a multitude of housing and zoning bylaw amendments and many developer pal funding appropriation thank you’s and WTF street closures.

Tonight’s city council meeting should again not be any different from any previous city council meeting when it comes to “stacking the deck” in favour of their developer pals and appropriating large sums of taxpayers’ cash to their campaign donor buds to Mussatto’s Team Slate closing down 26 St. West at Lonsdale based on a sham Pezzente traffic study “contradicting” ICBC’s legitimate traffic study report.

The majority of 26 St. neighbourhood did not favour the oversized foot print for the new development or want to lose their green space or street access to Lonsdale.  But when you are just a taxpaying resident and not a Mussatto campaign investor the odds will never ever be in your favour…  But tonight’s road closure doesn’t stop here.  They also want to create a bylaw to: close and remove highway dedication off 100 Block East 22nd Street.  #UpperLonsdaleUnite  #Vote4ChangeOct20

But there is a twilight of good news in tonight’s meeting… a Notice of Motion by wannabe mayor Rod Clark wants the city to endorse the recommendation of the BC Rental Housing Task Force: that the maximum rental increase be cut from inflation plus 2% to inflation only, and that the automatic 2% increase be eliminated.

Tonight’s “Smoke ’em if you got ’em” City Council Meeting is high on cannabis and of course will be railroading MORE DEVELOPMENT and amending rezoning bylaws for the benefit of Mr. Kite err developers and architects.

And of course tonight’s 566 page City Council Density Card much like every previous council meeting since the induction of our convoluting mayor and six density zealot councillors will be entertaining and bowing down to the needs and wants of developers and architects via our ‘backroom’ underhanded City Planners while of course, of course IGNORING NIMBY issues & concerns.  #cnvSOL

And the good news after tonight’s city council Twilight Zone episode is we are down to just one more city council meeting before city elections October 20th… and then hopefully all returning for their “boohoo FOREVER LAST city council meeting.”

Note: As part of the 2018 municipal election, two all-candidates meetings are being planned as follow:
1. The Grand Boulevard Residents Association (GBRA) will be hosting an All-CouncillorCandidates
meeting (for Councillor Candidates only) at the Ridgeway Elementary School Gymnasium at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.
2. The Courthouse Area Residents Association (CARA) will be hosting a Mayoral Candidates Debate at Centennial Theatre at 7:00 pm on Monday, October 15, 2018.

Here are my top five most viewed faves for August as we yikes… get ready for tomorrow’s density packed agenda!

Usually August is one of my slower viewed months with North Van Shorians on vacation – but not this year.  Add to that my coffee shop visits to being stopped up and down Lonsdale; I am hearing more times than not their frustration being inundated by so much (noise) construction, lane closures, not enough parking for shop owners who in turn are unable to find and sustain qualified help.

But there is now one noticeable theme rising in these one on one conversations… everybody’s talking about the upcoming election and how they want a voice in who’s in and who’s out around City Council Chambers head table. “Most” seem to want a fresh “developer resistant” city council that will actually LISTEN and are first and foremost ACCOUNTABLE to city residents – placing their concerns/issues ahead of developer interests!

And in my Upper Lonsdale community there is an overwhelming 1,000 resident movement to swath the entire existing city council from office and if they could would also love to eradicate most of our City Planners.  This is how volatile and angered a growing number of city residents have become i.e. have had their fill – have had enough of mayor Mussatto and his city councillors love fest with developers…

Perhaps Guy Heywood or Kerry Morris deserve a closer look in becoming our next mayor.  I mean what have you got to lose after 4 years of unprecedented demo-victions, gentrified housing and so much damn traffic chaos… ALL which wannabe night-mayor Buchanan concurs: makes  our city one of the MOST LIVABLE city’s anywhere.  #FakeNewsBuchanan  #vote4changeOct20