And just how is wannabe night-mayor Linda Buchanan going to be able to “remain on course” continuing her city’s “new norm” in density overload if elected mayor, well…

Wannabe night-mayor Linda Buchanan… you know the one who tried to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes by voting against her buddy developer Darwin Construction by not voting in favour in the devastation of the Harry Jerome Neighbourhood.  KNOWING DAMN WELL non city resident Councillor Holly Back was in favour of the project thus enabling an uncanny swing in favour of the 800+ residential log jam increase to the community and guaranteeing a $237+ million Harry Jerome Sportsplex!  #timeToChangeCourse  #Vote4ChangeOct20

Surely to no one’s surprise Mussatto’s surrogate “Crooked Buchanan” Sidesteps City Election Bike Rack Sign Bylaws… Opening the flood gates for other candidates to: “if you can get’em grab’em.”

News Flash: Crooked Buchanan has with a little inside help from her City Hall friends and with a little more direct help from bike rack sign lessees is able to SUBLEASE bike rack stands and thereby avoid breaking any bike rack city sign bylaws… However the lessee MUST BE registered as a “Third Party Sponsor” and make a financial disclosure to Elections BC.  I would also liked to have seen on each one of these ‘subleased’ bike rack signs WHO is sponsoring which mayoral or city councillor candidate. 

Interesting is now Kerry “Nitro” Morris has replaced his previous non mayoral related bike rack signs with signs saying “Yes, I am running for mayor”… is he subleasing from himself – hmm.  It should also be noted that Ken Izatt running for NVC council has a couple of these sublease bike rack signs.  I haven’t seen any Hoss horse trading Clark bike rack signs but that doesn’t mean they are not out there or will shortly find their way to a bike rack stand or maybe bus stop shelter sign near you.  All bets are off when it comes to any city sign bylaws equal playing field.  #SignWars

Ethically are any of these candidates the type of administrators you want governing our city. i.e. looking for loopholes in our city bylaws they can easily manipulate… as always you decide.

January’s Most Viewed – video comps leading the way!

January was a heavier than normal traffic viewed month.  My public domain city council edited graphic videos seemed to have upped my blog’s viewership.  Therefore plan on creating more as warranted or until the mayor decides to fade to black video streaming like he did back on Jan. 29th city council meeting.

It was a carryover month from December when it came to CNV bylaw 8500 enforcement; becoming seemingly at times redundant since May 11, 2015.  Unforced errors by mayor Mussatto, councillor Keating and the whispering Chatty Cathy councilors Buchanan and Back.  Two contemptibles whom to this day have not stood up against the mayor’s camel toe inference.  Steadfastly, remaining silent, “apathetic towards their own gender.”  #MeToo  #VoteChangeOct20

Lest we forget: November’s top most viewed…

OMG… it’s only six days until Christmas and 10 months and 1 day away from hopefully turning our backs on any Mayoral Team Slate controlling City Council come October 20, 2018.  Hopefully partisan politics and developer’s buying city halls for cheap from city mayors and councillors will be a thing of the past and we can begin deprioritizing and even eliminating bike lanes; having elected a city council who actually do live and genuinely want to begin resolving our city’s inner traffic woes and parkade our parking shortages.

November’s top five #2 may look a little suspect but it probably received the number of views it did in part due to the Global Canadian featuring a story on who and why I am running for city council in 2018.  But the top dog er rat was November’s 24th blog that exposed the grotesque salary imparity between our smaller in size and in population city compared to the 40% larger District of North Van.  And thanks again to BJ May’s de facto sleuthing.

Three of my key election platform’s is ALL mayoral, city council and city hall director/managerial positions can only be held for a maximum of two consecutive 4 year terms/contracts – no exceptions and of course repeal and replace our city’s farcical pro developer OCP and temporary freeze highrise development!  #Enough