Sign, sign everywhere a ‘No Assent’ aka No Amalgamation Sign!

Last Monday Night’s city council meeting was unusually uneventful and with M.I.A. councillor Keating playing hooky you knew there was nothing on the table that would jeopardize any of Mussatto’s Team Slate en masse IOU developments…  #noCollusionTonight

Hold the presses! – perhaps without Keating present: Agenda items 10 & 11 re: Gaming and Cannabis Revenues – Options for Consideration were removed!  Surely it had nothing to do with my Monday’s blog discourse in identifying “option 2” site specific neighbourhood follies whereby City Planning director Mr. Epp was wanting to “pin a casino tail” on one or more of our NIMBY communities without their PRIOR KNOWLEDGE.

I also very much regret letting down my fellow citizens, by not querying later during “Inquiries” WHY items 10 and 11 were removed from the slate.  At the time which was not fair to the mayor or City Clerk, had thought I would only receive a runaround type answer – thereby letting them off the hook!… still learning the ropes.  #regret

As anticipated all remaining related sign agenda’s – Election Sign Bylaw No. 8643 and Election Sign Bylaw No. 8644 were swiftly and unanimously approved.  Running amalgamation election signs is prohibited in CNV.

What was also unexpected sitting in the ante chamber among city staff chatter was when mayor Mussatto queried his city license manager “why license fees could not remain the same.”  Offering up a pool hall analogy whereby they would have to pay $42 for each additional pool table and then further asserting “we are not like other cities” and should be offering incentives to businesses to stay or come to our city.  Even though the increase was minimal for most businesses going up from $111 to $128 councillors Back and wannabe mayor Buchanan are ready to commit to the “no big deal” increase.  #CNVelection164days

But in the meantime… DNV/NRG Research Group: watcha you gonna do now that your amalgamation coup and survey results cannot be voiced within any CNV candidate sign, banner or campaign media advertisement re: Election Sign Bylaw No. 8643…  Welcome to North Van City.

…and how could I not… still resonating in my old rock’n roll bones!

Today the city finally reveals its “one hump camel jack” bronze statue. A precursor to our infamous mayor’s DMW Legacy.

Our Grinch-like mayor today proudly presents our city with its latest embarrassment – gaffe.  A one hump camel thinking it is a two humper that was used during BC’s 1800’s mini mining gold rush.  What is so blatantly wrong is this wonderfully sculptured bronze camel is a LIE.  NO CAMEL ever set foot on the North Shore, rather they were ferried/barged up the Fraser River to the interior prospect mines.  This only further exemplifies just how unconcerned our city “is” lead by a corrupt bought and paid for mayor when it comes to facts vs. Fake News.  Willing to declare falsehoods – like our mayor stating in public it is simply a case of  “ARTIST LICENSE”.  i.e. At the expense and credibility of the sculptor whom was misinformed by our city’s Arts Council.  Whom for what ever reason did not do their due diligence even though the “information highway/internet” has easy and many accessible links to the animals used and where and how they were used during this historical time period in BC.  As an artist I am dumbfounded and dishearten by the lack in research and negligence the Arts Council has succumbed.

My Wiki-leakage sources tell me the unveiling takes place at 12:30 pm today.  Can’t wait to see what is inscribed on the plaque. i.e.  Just how ludicrous their tall tale will be: LYING to its citizens.  #OneHumpCameljack  #FakeNews

Contributor BJ May CNV
*camel jack: When someone is just being completely stupid!

City Hall’s latest “Camel-eon” Costly and Embarrassing Blunder!

Will that be one hump or two humps for your Cariboo gold rush mining expedition team.  Unbelievable and so unfortunate for the sculptor of this beautifully carved bronze single humpback camel that does not have any relevance to our North Shore 1800’s miner’s backpacking animals – absolutely none whatsoever!

Having worked in many movie/television art departments from production designer, art director, set designer, set decorator, scenic painter and/or matte artist over a 40 year period; I would ALWAYS RESEARCH the hell out of any period piece production wanting to get it right knowing our critics where out there waiting and willing to discredit our efforts.

Lately and sadly incompetence and lack of oversight is running amuck at city hall.  Much like our new Community Planning Director’s inEPPness – unable to “SIZE” Onni blueprints for a legal sized bowling alley with room for pool tables and a concession stand.  That is unless you believe in Mr. Epp’s (coverup?) SHORTcomings propped-up at the time by mayor Mussatto and wannabe night-mayor Councillor Buchanan supporting Mr. Epp’s fantasia children’s bowling alley.

Isn’t it ironic the latest city hall tomfoolery/boondoggling centres around Onni’s new no earthquake ground zero green space CentreView Towers… but it does feature an inappropriate single hump bronze camel.  Making a definitive and bizarre statement in just how lackadaisical and disconnected our ill-fated city hall has become!

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