Stache Sunday Funnies rewind…

Apparently last Thursday evening there was a hush-hush howdios dinner for our vainglorious mayor held at his campaign investor’s Polygon Gallery.  An event by invite only… aka only his vulturous developer pals, city hall lackeys, previous donors, his Team Slate Hijackers, city council horse traders, upper crust execs and social elites were welcome.  Nowhere to be found in the crowd were the hundreds and hundreds of low income renters he so willing displaced from our city.  And there lies Density Darrell Mussatto’s true legacy.  #SelloutMayor  #CNVforeverFUKed

I wonder if during Thursday night’s pretentious gala he returned the favour by crooning a few lines from his legacy song…

CNV residents may be more familiar with the global welcoming politics of PM Trudeau and Trump’s sanctioned Fake News. But more and more CNV residents are beginning to realize due to the “poor turnout” in our 2014 city elections our city has become a Density Netherworld!

With our runaway development and neverending amending or superseding rezoning bylaws being approved like at last Monday night’s city council meeting…  Is finally having an on the wane affect leading to more & more CNV residents saying enough is enough; revolting against their en masse unaffordable density demagoguery.   Hopefully they and many more will emphatically Vote for Change on October 20th.

Everywhere I turn neighbours are fed up with all the construction lane closures, bus overloads, shrinking commercial parking and businesses unable to find affordable qualified help.  #cnvSOL

And here is the kicker… it WILL and can only get WORSE with our city council’s 11th hour efforts to ram through city council as many density developments as possible on behalf of their vulturous developer pals and in the name of their vainglorious infamies.  #Vote4ChangeOctober20