No one is perfect but The Global Canadian could use not just a proof reader rather a foolproof reader as could I…

Well the Global Canadian latest publication did an article on my running for city council in 2018 which is much and I do mean much appreciated.  But they like myself could sure use more often than not just a proof reader rather a foolproof reader.  Maybe this is a test to see how I would react being sir named “Kinski” and I am really okay with it realizing I’ll be running exclusively under my moniker nickname ‘Stache’.   I know from doing my blog 3 times a week that it requires 100% attentiveness not only for my editorial cartoon dialogue but also as equally and as important the same attentiveness be given to my interior blog copy.  A solitary quest whereby one can get too close, get caught up in the big picture at the expense of that one tiny yet critical typo, forever haunting my blog’s forest.

It also reminds me back in early 2015 when Councillor Keating looking in disgust at one of my earlier editorial cartoons he was holding in a city council meeting and mistakenly called me “Kerry Morris” – thinking he was behind this editorial cartoon.  And to this day Keating has never retracted or apologized to either myself or Kerry for his unprincipled miscue.

Hopefully my fellow North Van City citizens now have a clearer picture and insight into who I am and where I have been and just how important it is to me we have a strong upcoming non partisan city council and mayor that begins with an equally strong voter turnout on October 20, 2018 and damn it: voices taking back our city from the clutches of mayoral team slate teams and or Robin Hood cliques.  #VoteStacheCityCouncil2018

“The Two Of Me”



BC NDP introducing legislation that will ban campaign donations from corporations and unions while limiting individual contributions to $1,200… Keep in mind developers and special interest groups are not just going to rollover and play dead.

BC NDP banning donations to corporations and unions while capping individual contributions at $1,200 will go a long ways… BUT in order for this long overdue policy to have any real impact on our next election.  ALL prior donations from all sources prior October 31, 2017 made to any candidate must be DISCLOSED, made public knowledge!

This is why it is imperative for this proposed provincial legislation to eliminate Wild West Politics and must include an AMENDMENT whereby ALL CANDIDATES can only use monies collected from November 1st, 2017 onward and or must DISCLOSE ALL PRIOR CAMPAIGN DONATIONS – problem solved… or is it?  Just don’t underestimate the power of predatory developers, artful candidates, Corporate adversaries of democracy, unions and special interest groups.  They are not about to rollover and play dead!


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Two Onni Personnel take dead aim at a “Soft Target”… a Disabled Pension Camel Protester!

Brian May a CNV disabled pensioner who uses a mobility scooter was verbally harassed from behind by two of Onni’s underlings passing by their CentreView twin towers main entrance at 13 St. and Lonsdale Ave.  Onni’s henchmen were abusively accusing him for the recent Thanksgiving vandalizing of their unLucky  err Lucy bronze camel.  When really all he can be accused of by these Onni hooligans was his peaceful, nonthreatening right to ‘protest’  during the recent camel unveiling on Wednesday October 4th.  These surly Onni thugs should be fired, never mind reprimanded… What are the odds nothing happens to these cowardice Onni ambassadors harassing a disabled law abiding pensioner… after all Mussatto said he would take care of it – sure he will.  After all we are talking about our mayor’s BFF (Onni brothers) high school pals.    #OnniCamelThugs

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