Warning! The following video may be offensive, caution is advised, especially those who thought city council meeting decorum was held to a higher standard.

At last Monday night’s city council meeting the mayor was whining and crying foul how he and his team slate councillors can’t get respect during the Public Input Period… Does the word HYPOCRITE ever come to mind Grinch.  I couldn’t help but take a second look at a city council meeting on July 17 of this year.  And lo and behold our mayor counterblow’s his self proclaimed righteousness with his own out of order, unruly retort, chuckling “ha, welcome to North Van”.

A few minutes prior, look closely, camera right at councillor Keating aka BC NDP President waving goodbye to Mr. Wilkinson having been ordered out of chambers by flustered and unhinged Mussatto.  The Wilkinson’s were quite upset over the fact they never had been told about the city’s complicit bowling alley gaffe, having bought a condo in the Onni CentreView Camel-not complex.  And Premier John Horgan, you must be so damn proud of your party’s contemptible NDP President.

…If you dare take a 2 hour flashback at that night’s fight card from the 3:32 hour/minute mark onward, listen closely to the remarks made by the Wilkinson’s at the Bowling Alley Public Hearing and by the mayor’s large campaign donor Onni and of course Mussatto’s Team Slate Despicable’s approving the Onni Bowling Alley from the July 17 video.  You may like the Wilkinson’s and so many other concerned residents realize why they won’t be voting for wannabe mayor Buchanan and Councillor Back on election day October 20, 2018.  http://www.cnv.org/your-government/council-meetings/2017-meetings/council-videos


October’s top most viewed…

The big winners in the most viewed category had to do with the erection of Lucy the one hump wonder camel that sure curtailed a lot of controversy which led to OMG two Onni employees attacking an innocent senior cripple in front of their new CentreView Towers complex.  There were two other blogs related to this camel-eon bronze nudging right on the heels of the top five.

The other two big stories of the month evolved around wasting WTF: $6million on a connector Spirit Trail Bridge that took precedent over our many crippling infrastructures.  City council choosing instead to pillage taxpayer’s money and continue to “fund” Density Mussatto’s Dead Man Walking & Cycling Legacy…  While Guy Heywood wannabe new sheriff begins to roundup his Team Slate er Team Posse.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of “Craig Who” (Keating) calling the kettle black.

During last Monday Night’s Public Input Period Fight Card, Mr. May a handicapped citizen was ridiculed by none other than Craig “Who” Keating for breach of General Rules of Conduct.  This coming from some say the most delinquent and ever elected infidel city councillor… I myself would not go quite that far, but there is certainly a lot of undeniable frustration in the growing number of voices calling for transparent and genuine accountability in governance by mayor Mussatto and his team slate city councillors.

Having talked to the handicapped citizen whom is one of my campaign supporters and in his defense it became quite apparent that perhaps historian “Craig Who” needs to recap Bylaw 8500 : Rules of Conduct Section 5:1   As Mr. May pointed out to me he did NOT actually contravene rules 5:1  (1) through (8).  He never mentioned or referred directly to a “sitting Council Member or a Government Official or a City employee” while listening to the audio only video live stream.

And wasn’t it just about a year ago when we had our last encounter with static filled streaming video at a city council meeting.  I mean with an annual city staff payroll of $44 million in a city of only 53 thousand, surely we should expect competence from our streaming techies.  Then again maybe they are simply following the lead set by our mayor’s team slate governance i.e. keeping city taxpayers in the dark.

Double Agent 2100 aka Councillor Holly Back “Get Back” to where you belong!

Councillor Holly Back’s CNV City Website “Contact Information” lists her LIVING and PAYING CITY TAXES to the DNVC!   Don’t believe me just call DNVHall they will immediately tell you and in the meantime checkout: http://www.cnv.org/your-government/mayor-and-council/councillor-holly-back.

And here is our mayor on record adamantly insisting he has NEVER been in favour in the merging, amalgamation between CNV and DNVC – in fear of losing his job?.  Yet HE KNEW back during his 2014 election campaign how hungry Ms. Back was having previously been unsuccessful getting elected in “DNVC” and thusly offered her ‘ego’ a chance to come under his artifice enriched developer Team Slate canopy…  So the question begs to be asked: “Why would Mussatto want his CNV residents to elect a candidate who does not live in our city – an agent of DNVC?”

Having a business address only in our city should never entitle the non resident proprietor the prerogative to run in our civic elections.  Even after separating all ties from said company we are never sure of their “continued bias.”  Just ask councillor Back who is all in favour with her “fellow hair salon owners” offering customers illegal free booze thereby maybe up-selling their hair products and then letting them drive off under the influence.

And further, can we not then deduce the rest of the mayor’s Team Slate knew of her alliance with “The District”.   Wannabe night-mayor Councillor Buchanan must be surely proposing the AMALGAMATION of our two cities as part of her 2018 campaign platform, as she no doubt plans having Back as her leading Team Slate member.  I mean how can she ingenuously not.   And yet another reason for many CNVites not to vote for Buchanan or Back in 348 days on October 20, 2018.

So… CNV electorate which city do you think Double Agent Holly Back is undermining err “bewitching?”

(Psst, now you know why I have been dressing Councillor Back in apropos Witch’s clothing)

#DoubleAgentHollyBack  #WitchyHollyBack

When Art is under scrutiny it is for a reason. Sometimes caused by the light PROJECTED by its very “Owner’s Proclamation.”

Being a member of many an artist community for over 40 years, and owner of a small once upon a time gallery where I also exhibited my paintings and small sculptures back in my up and coming hey day.  I learned then Art will always be open to subjective and objective criticism and controversy like: when it’s subject matter is presented in one light then diffused by its historical intent.

What makes this “realist camel” so argumentative and not always in a good light is because it is so well done.  Leaving little room for far too many to accept this as the correct one hump camel as opposed to the two hump camel that was used for a very short time failing to live up to its expectations.  Perhaps a precursor why this bronzed camel is coming under at times undignified litter and much heated verbal abuse.  After all THE PREMISE our NS Public Art Advisory Committee and owner Onni definitively ENGRAVED on a plague adjacent to the bronze camel named “Lucy’ or as I like to refer to as unLucky; clearly states in fact she is one of the last camels used during the BC gold rush in the mid 1800’s.

Onni’s “plaque” leaves very little room for interpretation as it FACTUALLY PROCLAIMS this bronze camel as “a monument not public art”.  A distinct disconnection between the artist and grossly misleading historical facts presented by its owner Onni and our North Shore Public Art Advisory (Selection) Committee… A perplexing bronze has been surely cast!  #StachePOV  #notPublicArt

Mussatto’s Team Slate Approved Developer “Coup de Grace” merciless attack on low income and part time earners! While city’s part time help vacancies precariously on the rise!

OMG our mayor and city council will once again dare hold another infamous Monday Night 4 to 3 autocratic fight card.  Meanwhile reviewing our last city council meeting from way back on Oct. 2 our Chamber of Commerce presentation team showcased our city’s economic growth and its potential demise.  Glaringly showcasing the commercial retail and restaurant businesses dependency and deficits from decreasing business parking and their inability to retain part time staff unable to find AFFORDABLE low income housing in our city.

Later on in the agenda councillor Rod Clark submitted to Council instructing staff to bring forward coordinated policies (options) to ensure that any and all multi-family developments in the city provide a minimum of 20% of rental units on a 10% to up to 15%, 20% below market rate in perpetuity.  And to no one’s surprise there was councillor aka wannabe night-mayor Buchanan curiously questioning the viability of offering up to 20% off developer’s rental ticket price and how it could effect city amenities and WTF prevent developers moving forward: PREVENTING MORE OVER CAPACITY DENSITY!

As you can see Buchanan had a real going CONCERN in how too much low rental subsidies could negatively affect future “developer rental project profits” then worrying about NOT PROVIDING SUFFICIENT AFFORDABLE HOUSING for our seniors, fixed & low income earners, residents with disabilities or part time workers seeking below market value rental accommodations!  I just hope and pray that come our next election in 12 months our 47 to 50% low income earners struggling to pay their rent – struggling to make ends meet will head to the polls in quantified numbers and DISREGARD Buchanan for mayor at their polling stations… I know I am.

And also to no one’s surprise councillor Keating was once again MIA… Why has he not been RELIEVED of his councillor duties?  “Money Bags” has made a complete MOCKERY out of our elected civic officials INTENT and ACCOUNTABILITY.

As far as our infamous mayor goes he seemed more concerned about the heavy workload his city staff are currently experiencing… sounding less than ingenuous reluctantly approving councillor Clark’s submission.

* coup de grâce: a finishing blow

There is no City Council Meeting Tonight… we should all be thankful! No chance of any new density projects to be proposed or realized..

Tonight we will not have to worry about any new development proposals or 2nd or 3rd readings further suffocating our current 2040 density levels.  A city council’s stubbornness to only meet on Mondays having now been MIA for “18 weeks” so far in 2017.

Signifying our city’s latest EMBARRASSMENT whereby “Lady” a “two hump camel” used during the mid 1800’s mining gold rush has been bronzed and disfigured …the sculptor, Myfanwy MacLeod decided to lose one of its hump’s in the name of artistic license – eagerly abstaining from “historical facts” in favour being artistically arrogant.  Defying facts much like our mayor and his 3 city council stooges bought and paid by Onni who in their “own words:” inscribed on the plaque next to this defecation.  Insisting this erroneous bronze “Syrian camel” is “in fact  a “facsimile of a camel named Lucky used during the interior BC Gold Rush.”  This only further denotes how controversial and disconnected our despotic mayor and his Team Council Hijackers have succumbed – unable to distinguish fact from fiction.

Camel Lucky will become a metamorphic albatross for any of the mayor’s team buffoons running for mayor or city council next year on October 20, 2018.   #CamelArrogance  #CamelHeresy  #CamelControversy

And just could not resist expressing my artistic license this Thanksgiving Day.