Bike to Work Week is behind us but just like last week and every week renegade cyclist’s continue to disregard city stops signs and run red lights.

Having had many an exhilarating bike ride and with summery weekends ahead, a larger number of bike enthusiasts will be sharing our roads with motorists.  We need “all cyclists” to step up to the plate & play fair ball.

Cyclists are required to “obey the same traffic laws” as motorists. Seemingly most cyclists abide by the law, but still many cyclists continue to reject traffic laws: running red lights or stop signs, riding on the wrong side of the road, riding on sidewalks and not using bike lights at night.

Motorists often think of cyclists as having a renegade “above the law” attitude, which puts others on the road at risk, including themselves riding their defenseless no outer shell protected bikes.

As more city residents take up this very seasonal, weather permitting sport there will be more and more bad apples disregarding the rules of the road, i.e. cutting you off and giving you the usual one figure salute for honking at them while “knowingly” breaking the law.

It’s an unnerving double standard that has to stop.  It seems the only real solution is to “tag and plate” cyclist’s – copping a minimal fee.  Currently they are unaccountable, unidentifiable in their lawless road behaviour. These cyclists should be “receiving demerit points and charges laid” much like motorists when they break traffic laws.  #tag&plate

In today’s artwork in the upper left hand corner is the biker’s code for the road  that I would like to share and heed all cyclists to ensue…

As more residents are willing to motorcycle, scooter or (e)bike to work, our mayor as usual will be driving his “I love my Lexus” to work.  #hypocrite