NDP MLA Ma’s INSTPP (Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project) is really nothing more than a MISTPP

During last Monday’s Night’s “32 Agenda Items wallowing in 696 pages” fixated on ramin’ & jamin’ through as many new zoning bylaws, rezoning amendments was the passing of MLA Ma’s INSTPP…  A wonderful passive aggressive: not today and certainly not tomorrow resolve to our North Shore Traffic Woes.  Or what I prefer to milquetoast as a MISTPP: Micromanaging Incompatible Sacrificial Transportation Planning Project.

I’ll save Monday Night’s City Council’s 2 Public Hearing buffoonery for Friday’s blog… As what should not be overlooked is our four out of the six homespun mayoral candidates were interviewed on CBC’s Early Edition Stephen Quinn Show “traffic themed” podcast last week.  The podcast certainly offered insight into just how proverbial contentious and artful these wannabe mayoral contenders – no holds  barred – plan to be.

There were two standouts for me, first was Linda Buchanan a leader over the last four years for en masse development, renter displacement and having one of the worst city council attendance records over the last fours years swears she has definitive Fake News insight much like MLA Ma, debunking there is no way density contributes to our inner city traffic or commuter woes!

So… when your campaign donor Hollyburn completes its Marlborough 3 OCP 17 bonus floors of density amidst a strong NIMBY petition you flat-out ignored along with voting in favour of Onni’s Centre View twin towers another one of your campaign donors on the adjacent Lonsdale corner will NOT IMPACT the already heavily congested Lonsdale & 13 St. intersection where bus stop overloads are the norm coming from Lynn Valley’s bursting at the seams buses – really.  Even if say up to 60% of new building residents cram themselves into a bus, bike or walk to work that still results in a 40% increase in traffic volume!

Secondly, the mayoral candidates acknowledged the need for improved “transit” access to North Van.  But it was “only Guy Heywood” who took a “North Shore city bus” to the CBC podcast locale in Vancouver City.  One of the few times there was no rhetoric spewing out of the mouths of the other car loving mayoral candidates…  Interview starts at about the 11 minute mark of the podcast – you decide.

As I continue my blog campaign to “displace” from City Hall our pro density & horse trading councillors from civic office. #Vote4ChangeOct20

Councillor Buchanan can’t see our city trees through the density forest she helped create!

Last Monday night Councillor and wannabe mayor Buchanan wanted to know: “what is driving our congestion” while noting a decrease in West Van City population.  Then blaming added ferry route traffic, commuter bridge bottlenecks and NEVER focusing in on our city’s inner traffic volume congestion and lane closures she helped create and will continue to forge by voting in favour of one OCP over density development after another and always without ample parking.  Projects since her re-election in late 2014 that have put our inner city traffic modes and means in an endless chokehold.  Advocating and prioritizing inane 20 million dollar cycling lanes which have not put a dent (pun intended) “eased” our transportation woes – not one iota!

Stache POV: Noteworthy is now with the new camera playback format all we can see are single tight shots of councillors at city hall council meetings.  The mayor has unscrupulously done away with wider group and full shots catching councillors Buchanan and Back whisper chatting while one of their none Team Slate city councillors is speaking.  Or shots of councillor Keating when he decides to show up for a council meeting, forever and ever texting or looking down at his laptop perhaps doing other unrelated business communique on city taxpayers dollar.  #disingenuousMayor  #tightShots