Here are my top five most viewed faves for August as we yikes… get ready for tomorrow’s density packed agenda!

Usually August is one of my slower viewed months with North Van Shorians on vacation – but not this year.  Add to that my coffee shop visits to being stopped up and down Lonsdale; I am hearing more times than not their frustration being inundated by so much (noise) construction, lane closures, not enough parking for shop owners who in turn are unable to find and sustain qualified help.

But there is now one noticeable theme rising in these one on one conversations… everybody’s talking about the upcoming election and how they want a voice in who’s in and who’s out around City Council Chambers head table. “Most” seem to want a fresh “developer resistant” city council that will actually LISTEN and are first and foremost ACCOUNTABLE to city residents – placing their concerns/issues ahead of developer interests!

And in my Upper Lonsdale community there is an overwhelming 1,000 resident movement to swath the entire existing city council from office and if they could would also love to eradicate most of our City Planners.  This is how volatile and angered a growing number of city residents have become i.e. have had their fill – have had enough of mayor Mussatto and his city councillors love fest with developers…

Perhaps Guy Heywood or Kerry Morris deserve a closer look in becoming our next mayor.  I mean what have you got to lose after 4 years of unprecedented demo-victions, gentrified housing and so much damn traffic chaos… ALL which wannabe night-mayor Buchanan concurs: makes  our city one of the MOST LIVABLE city’s anywhere.  #FakeNewsBuchanan  #vote4changeOct20

DNV Bolshevik Councillor Bassam is opting out of his city’s mayoral race leaving CNV mayoral candidates Guy Heywood and just maybe Kerry Morris “twinning” for the reunification of our two North Shore cities.

When you have time take a peek at Guy Heywood and Kerry Morris websites.  BOTH could have been written by the other.  BOTH offering similar catchy issue themes around housing affordability, traffic congestion, parking, unsettling business climate and offering “open governance”.  But nowhere – so far are either one or any candidate running for city mayor offering “open donor transparency.”

In today’s cartoon I have Heywood and Morris joined at the collar bone.  But to be fair to Kerry he is not fully committed to the twining of CNV & DNV and in the same breath not ready to denounce amalgamation.  As one coffee mate expressed to me: “Is Morris simply swimming upstream in order to reel-in Heywood’s amalgamation supporters.”  #youDecide

It is no secret that my blog leans towards Kerry Morris being the city’s next mayor.  But IF there was ever a mayoral candidate who mirrored most of his or Heywood’s website and emphatically did not support amalgamation and ran on an: in your face open transparent donor policy… my blog would surely be at their disposal.  #daylightCampaign

Hello 911… CNV is in dire need of an independent mayor and untainted city councillors i.e. who are not beholding to a mayoral team and in turn indebted to their vulturous developer donor pals in order to thwart their cout d’etat agenda down the throats of its NIMBY’s… HELP!

Home grown retired businessman and race car enthusiast Kerry Morris enters the newbie mayoral race.

Kerry Morris made it official last Friday – entering the winner take all mayoral race.  Kerry came in a very close second in our last 2014 heated and contentious city election.  Which featured mayor Mussatto having his candidacy signs illegally placed in bike racks and blatantly having his staff handing out Team Slate material at city hall “during the election period.”  Whether Kerry can cross the finish line ahead of the likes of Bolshie Heywood and Mussatto crony Buchanan… we’ll know in just 61 days.

We now have three contenders vying to be our next mayor.  Is Councillor Clark going to be the next batter up and is there anyone else hanging around the mayoral dugout… hmm.

Today’s cartoon is not an endorsement or sanctioned by Kerry Morris.  But yes I did contribute a couple 11th hour posters for his campaign in November 2014.  But let me be very clear we have never discussed me supporting or working for his 2018 campaign.  Choosing instead to focus on the pros and cons of each mayoral candidate from my POV perch.

If you are undecided in who to elect for mayor or want to find out more information on Kerry Morris checkout his “for a better tomorrow” website offering a platitude of issue and position themed videos and perspectives on traffic, development and business and much more like once being a competitive race car driver.