Vancouver’s housing market stokes fears of a ‘brain drain’ of Millennials according to an in-depth study. How is that even possible mayor Mussatto in a city you have gleamed: “where everyone matters – everyone can call home.” Your words not mine. #wordsMatter

Lordy, lordy, lordy tonight’s City Council Fight card is a “1,138 page” jammed packed developer handout!  Welcoming umpteen rezoning applications, re-zoning bylaws, bylaw adoptions, bylaw amendments to bylaws to amend bylaws, including one public hearing with two being kiboshed and how to Fund All-Candidates Meetings beginning Sept. 25th.

Also to be filed is our infamous Metro Vancouver mayor’s  Friday, May 25 meeting offering many funding appropriations while not offering any bonus funding for themselves this go-round.  #SanctimoniousHypocrites

The push is on to ramrod as many new housing upstarts any remaining city council meeting can conceivably endure.  Bending and twisting as many zoning bylaws (some dating from 2016) before the inevitable October 20th winds of change.  Elections which in turn will surely query and contest not only new development applications but also contest our notorious City Planner’s pro density anti NIMBY posture.

Time also to start asking our city councillors and wannabe mayor Buchanan why none, and I do mean NONE ever pursued the previous BC Liberal Government’s $500 million handout to help cities with their low income housing crisis.  The District did, Vancouver City did, but we sure in the hell did not!  And now that we are in an election year Mussatto’s Gang of 4 are suddenly “all in favour” of low income rentals having complied to most of their 2014 campaign investor’s bucket lists.

With our counterproductive 10/10/10 rental housing blueprint, it is no wonder why so many young families are vacating: stage left exit right.  Realizing in the upcoming years they will not be able to afford or sustain our City’s current gentrified driven agenda.  #millennialsSOL

And what is really farcical is we have the mayor and councillor Keating boasting: “rental vacancies are on the rise”.  Well of course vacancies are up and they will continue to nincompoops, in spite of all your new 90% at market value rentals coming to fruition.  “You have been out-pricing and ignoring for far too long those that needed affordable rental housing – YESTERDAY and right now TODAY… tomorrow is IRRELEVANT!”

Vancouver’s housing market stokes fears of a ‘brain drain’ of millennials from the region: study