Pssst… want to know how to get OCP Parking Bonusing while STILL OFFERING sufficient parking for your new BridgeWater tenants..

Where there is a will there is always a campaign donor way in getting around our FAILING OCP parking bonusing zoning bylaws.  All you have to do is ask Hollyburn Properties who have made a counterproductive FARCE out of our mayor’s psycho-ling path intent in getting people out of their cars, i.e. walking, busing or peddling within the confines of our  densely over populated city.  You might say Hollyburn has thrown Mussatto under the “bus”…or are they in “collusion”.

And it has been pointed out to me our city has an employee incentive recruitment and retention value offering non taxable, fully taxpayer subsidized, full time parking to CNV Staff.  And some of you will say what’s wrong with that?  Well… there are 310 CNV Staff parking stickers for city employees at an approx. value of $1,000 a year – a potential annual value of $380,000 – no big deal right.  And lest we forget CNV has paid Hollyburn OVER $82,000 for CNV Staff parking!

And these “free” city parking stickers can be used for the “16” with “70 employee scrabbling FOB’s” WITHIN Marlborough Tower.  While residents in that same building have been known to wait months for a parking space to become available.  AND is further compounded by the fact Hollyburn Properties offers parking in the SAME BUILDING to its “BridgeWater residents” to compensate for the PARKING SHORTAGE in their OCP BONUS ENHANCED BridgeWater Apartments – ABRACADABRA tenant parking for most of Hollyburn’s tenants realized!

AND Hollyburn was even able to convolute in not having handicap parking “within” their new BridgeWater Apartments ground surface area by WTF: locating and shrinking Marlborough Tower residents loading dock area – creating a BridgeWater Handicap ONLY parking zone.  While continuing to offer Marlborough Tower seniors and physically challenged tenants ZERO handicap parking for its 138 rental units!  #Abracadabra  #OCP:TrickorCheat  #ErnieMussatto