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Looking Back at 2016: A Year Oozing in OCP Bonusing Anarchy – Part Two…

Featuring July through December’s NeverEnding Mussatto Team Slate Oligarchy Governance.

December’s featured cartoon was based on a recent conversation our waitress shared with us at a local Italian restaurant.  She overheard us talking about how rent was getting out of reach for so many local residents.  She wasted no time letting us know her parents were paying $1400 a month for her full basement suit a few blocks away while she was taking courses at Cap U.  She also iterated after finishing her studies she was going to look for career opportunities anywhere but on the North Shore as it was just too expensive – it didn’t make sense to her.  She grew up in a nice large family home with a big backyard that she missed and knew the only way she could ever see her dream home realized was to live in a small town in the BC interior far away from our North Shore unaffordability!

What our Mayor and his Team Slate Hijackers don’t realize is many of our Millennial’s want a home and not a cookie cutter apartment or as our waitress put it or a concrete condo.  Our mayor brags about the new attainable norm for our city is stacked cookie cutter condos and high ticketed apartments that “generational Canadians” are snubbing their noses at saying: “see ya”.  Our city is unfortunately attracting residents from Asia and other parts of the world where pricey stacked living conditions is the norm.  Most seemingly never expecting an affordable single detached home with a backyard, deck and double car garage.

So NV-ites we will not become a Ghost Town rather a culturally diversified, politically correct city where English will eventually become an optional second language… a consequential reality after fast-tracking density overload down the throats of its seniors, fixed income and blue collar: low to middle income generational families.