A Christmas Carol’s Final Jingle…

It has been a year of en masse density and traffic travesty
Thanks in part to Mayor Mussatto and his Team Slate Councillors:
Buchanan, Keating, Back… a city having forsaken its glory
Having SOLD its soul to vulturine invested developers.


Vote Manipulation and Mussatto Legacy Laundering Setting New Low Blow Highs!

Our CNV mayor has no shame nor does his Team Slate hijacking lackeys.  These Despicables are down to their LAST 320 weekdays and 90 weekends holding office.  And until then they will be mercilessly downgrading and screwing our city into en masse density annihilation!   #CNVdensityAnnilation

Sources: CNV Website Dec. 4/17 Agenda http://www.cnv.org/your-government/council-meetings
NVCV: https://nvcityvoices.wordpress.com/  https://nvcityvoices.wordpress.com/2017/11/28/vote-manipulation-at-our-local-council/

Darwin Construction aka Darwin Properties CASHING IN their $5K campaign donation reward points!

Shamelessly proud was the tenor expressed in the city’s announcement of its latest prized ungreening of city land!  Yes, the existing HJCRC facility is just over 50 years old but DOES NOT need to replaced.  Rather what should be transpiring is simply pushing aside all city councillor egos and presumed legacies and initiate a state of the art overhaul to our rec centre with our fellow two North Shore Municipalities “contributing” to the to be modernized, upgraded HJCRC facility by constructing bucket wish items like: an Olympic size swimming pool, a 500 meter indoor track or newfound curling rinks.  Is not our tiny enclaved city not congested and fractured enough City Councillors!

There is an upcoming first public open house on Dec. 6th, but really why the fawk bother.  All you have to do is not go all that far back in time when Hollyburn’s new Marlborough 3 commercial apartment complex had its public hearings and NOT ONE PUBLIC HEARING or any COMMUNITY PETITION MADE ANY DIFFERENCE – NO MATTER HOW STRONG THE OPPOSITION!  It was a per-ordained done deal that convoluted increased floor density by WTF: selling our City Hall’s air space at below market value to these vultures!  Does anyone for a one moment not think that the SAME COLLUSION TACTICS will be made readily available unless…

There is an overdue civic election coming to town next October and with final approval on this project tentatively scheduled for next summer.  I.E. will either wannabe mayor Councillor Buchanan or DNVC resident Back join Councillors Bell, Clark and Bookham and compromise their chances in being elected by having their names pegged to this suicidal, high density, traffic/transit nightmare.  We know Mussatto and Keating have expressed concerns over any need for such a costly super-structure and without either yea vote, Buchanan or Back would have to cross the floor, default their Team Slate allegiance.  And the odds of that ever happening should leave any new HJCRC plans on the drawing board… I can dream can’t I.

October’s top most viewed…

The big winners in the most viewed category had to do with the erection of Lucy the one hump wonder camel that sure curtailed a lot of controversy which led to OMG two Onni employees attacking an innocent senior cripple in front of their new CentreView Towers complex.  There were two other blogs related to this camel-eon bronze nudging right on the heels of the top five.

The other two big stories of the month evolved around wasting WTF: $6million on a connector Spirit Trail Bridge that took precedent over our many crippling infrastructures.  City council choosing instead to pillage taxpayer’s money and continue to “fund” Density Mussatto’s Dead Man Walking & Cycling Legacy…  While Guy Heywood wannabe new sheriff begins to roundup his Team Slate er Team Posse.

Mayor Mussatto’s “Golden Fleecing” and “Social Deconstruction” of our city is deteriorating our city’s wellness and depleting our city’s resourcefulness!

You pick up any newspaper, surf any media blog or watch your favourite television newscast and the number one most repetitive topic is just how unaffordable the lower mainland/north shore has become.  We have become a money laundering safe-haven for offshore investors with housing prices only the oh so rich can secure or those willing to carry a second or even third mortgage and or work a 60 to 72 hr. week.  A sinister and social deconstructing epidemic that has forever changed who can and who cannot live on our shores.  

Now it is very easy to blame these vulturous megalith constructors for all our traffic congestion via en mass development.  But how were these scorpion archetypes ALLOWED to out pace our inner city’s transit and infrastructures?   It comes down to one and just one common convoluting denominator…   Bought and paid for mayors and their party or team slate sell out councillors indebtedness to their HOSTAGE TAKING campaign investors and further secured by their compliant and anti green-space obedient city planners! 

And in our city all fingers point to and only point to: mayor Mussatto aka Grinch, his 3 team slate councillors: Buchanan, Keating, Back and their deconstructing OCP poorly managed city planners…  So few having the power to liberate unquantified and irreversible density mayhem.

#SocialDecontrustionism  #LestWeForget

Most Unaffordable Cities in Canada:
Source: https://www.google.ca/search?q=most+unaffordable+cities+in+canada&rlz=1C1GGRV_enCA762CA762&oq=MOST+UNAFFORDABLE+CIT&aqs=chrome.0.0l2j69i57j0l3.7477j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Canada’s Best Places to Live: #72 North Vancouver
Bike Daily to Work 1.2%
Source: http://www.moneysense.ca/canadas-best-places-to-live-create-your-own-ranking/

Density Darrell was out Spooking our city one LAST TIME last night and it was o-o-o-o oh so very scary!

Soon our Mussatto fronted City Hall Twilight Zone escapades will be behind us (damn I’m going to miss illustrating these) coming to an abrupt END on October 20, 2018.  Gone, gone as in oh so gone will be Mayor Mussatto ‘s pathological addiction to multi million dollar lunacy legacy projects like: the Black Never Green Bike Necklace and the golden fleeced dis-Spirited Trail links at the expense of our city’s bleeding infrastructures that are being willfully ignored by our mayor’s “4 to 3” city chamber’s Team Slate Despicables.

Other key contributing Enablers of our mayor’s DMW infamy is his financially fueled 2014 campaign Developers with their huge infusions of tax remunerations garnishing his en mass projects and yielding to below market value density transfer fees further enabling his invested developers “no pro-forma” windfall profits.

And lest we forget our $86K bonused CAO and his City Planning comrades making a mockery out of our OCP!  Forever anteing up density bonuses on behalf of less than 2% whom “bike to work” while rewriting and amending zoning bylaws designed to further facilitate Mussatto‘s developer pals projects while turning their backs on NIMBY concerns!

I can only hope this is our city’s last jaded hallowed tricking ‘n convoluting handout!

And thanks to my fellow CoffeeMates for their input into today’s featured blog.  #ScaryCityHall

There’s a New Fraternity er Civic Party in Town While Our City Councillors Financially Pillage Our City into 2027!

Tonight members of Council will each rank the identified projects in the 2018-2027 Draft Preliminary Project Plan and return the results to the Finance Department by November 6, 2017… Really, and where in the hell did the city find these soothsayers and why 10 years!

From my POV it is irresponsible to ALLOW this city council to DICTATE the financial priorities/projects upon our city when most of them will probably become null and void after our 2018 elections!  Future priorities however preliminary should be part and parcel “conducive to the changing unforeseeable conditions in any given year.” And I also can’t help but wonder if our city’s future project initiatives list will offer an affordable housing “land trust building” i.e. constructing affordable housing rentals like Vancouver’s mayor Robertson has just successfully opened in his city – getting in front of affordable housing.

Perhaps the good news is after next year’s election the new “independent” city council might be in a position to selectively repeal and replace these bucket lists… Much like our farcical OCP.  There is absolutely nothing ‘official’ or ‘binding’ within our Official Community Plan.  It has no backbone, no teeth, no resiliency;  it should be heralded in what it is has succumbed to be: a Non Binding City Plan – heresy!  #NBCP

Tonight city council will like they have done at EVERY CITY COUNCIL MEETING SINCE THE 2014 ELECTIONS. i.e. Mussatto and his colluding team slate councillors will “payback”, “elevating” developer projects beyond our city’s capacity.  Thereby continuing to make a mockery out of our OCP; aided and abetted by Mussatto’s $86K bonused CAO and his adjunct city planners, but only for 362 more days… and in other news.