Mirror, mirror on the wall how deep is the mayor into his own falsehoods and does he truly believe we are that gullible.

Onni’s Lucky the camel is once again getting caught up in controversy this time by our mayor’s “insistence” in blaming the bronze one hump Dromedary statue [wishing it was a historical correct two hump Bactrian camel] as why he should be excused from his derogatory remarks comparing tight fitting women’s clothing in the vulva area as elephant feet er camel toe  #MeToo

A controversy much like his ‘aggressive agenda warning’ as he was shutting down city council chambers for 2017.  Tonight’s Monday Night Fight Card is tame, the calm before the storm with only one aggressive and contentious agenda issue.  Our mayor and most of city council sucking up to HUB’s request to adapt the Crosswalk Use by Cyclists and Street Occupancy Permits Bylaw: “elephant feet strips” or as our mayor likes to point out are interchangeable, they’re like camel toes.

How is it that the mayor can so adamantly declare ignorance in not ever knowing the meaning of ‘camel toes’ as reported in the The Global Canadian Newspaper.  Why didn’t he use the same comparison referring to them as crosswalk camel feet ?  Has he not been around the Onni camel long enough to realize this “life-like” camel does not have toes rather hooves!  You decide from this clip I grabbed from last Dec. 11th meeting in question picturing the mayor laughing at his own self gratifying vulgar remarks.  And joining in is smilin’ CAO Ken Tollstam and looking down at her notes seemingly amused by the mayor’s reference is City Clerk Karla Graham.

WARNING the following video insert graphic may be offensive to some and have self-rated it ‘R’ and is not intended to be offensive to women.  Rather only to depict just how disingenuous our mayor is in wanting us to “believe” he thinks camel’s have toes and not hoof feet.


Lest we shall never forget… a look back at last month’s most viewed.

December ended up being the most viewed month in 2017 with 4,642 views in a year also ending with my little Stache editorial cartoon blog breaking the 100,00 view mark – thank you!

There was a lot of interest in December’s 2017 top viewed and in my narcissistic evolution of our mayor sitting on his chamber’s thrown.  And it should be to no one’s surprise that the overall number one viewed blog was “Onni’s Henchmen” verbally abusing a crippled senior followed by “NVCHall Big Cheezies” showing just how much more top city officials, directors and managers can make working for CNV and not in the larger DNVC HQ.  And lest we shall never forget from last year is how mayor Mussatto without due cause copped our infamous CAO a $86K bonus cheque!  I wonder how much MORE of city taxpayer’s money Grinch is willing to exalt CAO Tollstam as he exits the come back never door.

Heads we lose, tails we lose… it’s going to be that kind of a year as our mayor puts his final nails in our city’s over density coffin

The only real winners this year until October 20 will be  the mayor, his infamous city slate councillors ramming and jamming their density and cycling agenda down our throats… and supporters of a casino to be located in a community’s front yard near you.

Apathetic Mayor and City Councillors “Already Missing in Action”

And here we are in a brand new year and no sign of our infamous mayor and city councillors.  Is not 4 holiday season weeks off not sufficient hiatus that a fifth Monday is still required to recoup from all that exhausting mayoral team slate autocratic contempt and collusion from 2017.

Mussatto’s oligarchs aka team slate city council hijackers will probably resurrect the already defeated casino proposal later this month or at some point early February as it is running out of Mondays required to resurrect, public input, open house and most importantly getting the working drawings fast tracked and approved by city planners before this sitting council’s final city hall meeting October 15th.

If you want to know if you already haven’t figured out just how corrupt and indebted the mayor and his team slate councillors are standby ’cause “you ain’t seen nothing yet” like what is about to be fast tracked into reality… Unless councillor Buchanan really does want a crack at being our next mayor.  Otherwise this will be the fatal, final blow to any chance of her ever becoming mayor.  #MussattoTeamSlateDespicables

Warning! Our Sultan of Density is getting ready to r-r-rum-mble his autocratic legacy onward and upward to its discontinued end in 287 days!

NV City Hall is now entering its 4th and final year of ménage à collusion by our city council’s controlling despot mayor and his 3 whipped city councillors Buchanan, Holly, Keating and their vulturous developer campaign donors and special interest groups like HUB.  And lest we never forget casino gaming tycoon Tom Nellis’ outstanding $13K campaign donor debt hounding our mayor for a little undemocratic rewrite of his already defeated casino proposal for our city.

Unfortunately it is already shaping into being a hotly contested, disconnected and contentious year with no common gravitas in sight.  The mayor and his city council will continue ramrodding over 2014 capacity developer projects down our throats which will indeed include coercing a casino in one our community front yard’s. These residents will be helpless, powerless in a 4 to 3 casino reprieved vote.  The question then becomes at what point does this community take recourse – standing up, taking on city hall, willing to fight for the safety and wellness of their community.

There is seemingly a growing number of city residents at odds with city hall – having “had enough” when it comes to unaffordable rentals and housing, traffic/commuter gridlock.  CNVites reaching a breaking point, fed-up with Mussatto Team Slate’s ongoing corruption, collusion and widening disconnect with its city residents. 

Beware: City Hall’s New Year’s Resolutions could be more divisively brazing than ever thought possible – buckle up.  #Enough

Warning: Entering 2018 the last chance for mayor Mussatto, his Team Slate Councillors, his City Planners and Engineers to bring our city to a contemptible gridlock freeze.

Happy New Year and in just 292 days or in 9 months and 19 days we will be saying so long, arrivederci to Mayor Mussatto and his Team Slate.  A new independent developer free city council will be surely elected, dawning a new era  freezing highrise density growth,  ending city government and developer collusion, seriously tackling unaffordable housing.  And lest we forget our crumbling transportation infrastructures in the short term and not foolishly waiting or believing in billion dollar wet dreams like tunnels, SkyTrain rails over Second Narrows.  TransLink is first and foremost willing to ignore the North Shore and deal with the serious transit shortages felt in Surrey, Richmond and Langley.

We can’t and should not have to wait for the estimated ten years before TransLink finally completes a bridge or tunnel – alleviating North Shore commuter congestion.  We need to include and then look beyond TransLink in order to resolve i.e. re-engineer our immediate short transportation/commuter failings undermined by our North Shore city councils ramrodding density levels beyond our city’s transportation capacities.  Competition is good for the transportation soul…

Welcome to Stache’s select city council Twilight Zone misplays of 2017…

Once upon a time there was a city we all knew
Where affordable housing was nothing new
And hassle free commutes a daily trend
A city that would never collude or bend

Those were the days my friend
We thought those days would never end
We’d live the life we choose
We’d fight and never lose

But we were misled my friends
By a mayor’s psycho-ling misspends
Part-time help can no longer stay and play
As we long for days of yesterday…