Yet another flashback from one of my highly viewed blogs, adding a few final touches from last March… nothing has changed.

If you want more of Mussatto’s en masse density projects over and above his ongoing developer projects taking us well into the next city council and beyond… then vote for wannabe Linda Buchanan or Rod Clark.  The only real difference I see between these two imposters is: Councillor Clark had a strong city council ‘presence’ while Councillor Buchanan had a much less exemplary attendance record.  In fact in 2016 she had the WORSE CITY COUNCIL ATTENDANCE RECORD – choosing to avoid her city councillor responsibilities as a paid city employee.  #youdecide

If either one of these despicables is elected as mayor in only 10 days, perhaps CNVites should expect their city’s “Best City To Live In Canada” to drop even further.  #Vote4ChangeOct20

…I mean really what do you have to lose by not voting either one as this city’s next mayor.  #timeToChangeCourse

Warning: MASSatto Mania is about to get higher and denser!

Our Grinch-like mayor and his 3 lackey team city councillors since being re-elected in late 2014 have repeatedly pillaged our city’s sense of a community for all, now unable and no longer welcoming low and fixed income residents and part-timers looking for cheap rent wanting to work in our retail and restaurant establishments.  While more and more seniors and Millennial families are exiting our city – decisively opting for a “qualitative and affordable lifestyle elsewhere.”

I know I am sounding like a broken record but most of our inner city traffic congestion, density pollution, and parking shortages is due to 4 vainglorious self-serving city officials: mayor Mussatto and his team councillors: wannabe night-mayor Buchanan, Holly and Keating all whom have continually voted and bonused EVERY NEW HIGH RISE DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT SUFFICIENT PARKING.  And all the while backed by their $86K bonused CAO and accommodating OCP density fornicating management teams.

And NOT ONCE did any of  these hare-brains prior or after voting “4 to 3” for EVERY NEW DEVELOPMENT display any genuine concern – rather seemingly to care less about the HUNDREDS of longtime residents they were about to DISPLACE.  Never once offering to CONSTRUCT in 2015/16 any short term alternative/temporary low cost housing relief!  (not our city’s problem huh councillor Keating)

If your (family) income is less than $60/70K you need not apply.  We have become a city only the MASSatto wealthy can only truly appreciate.