North Shore’s “resistance” to slow down condo developments led by Mayor Mussatto means our traffic woes are here to stay probably for decades!

CBC Vancouver Municipal Affairs reporter Justin McElroy writes: “Is there hope for a North Shore transportation solution anytime soon?”  While of course not, and not for decades thanks to the likes of our mayor and his controlling Team Slate City Council Hijackers Buchanan, Keating, Back.

I was taken aback by bullshitter Mussatto’s falsehood quip: “We’re trying to do work to find out what’s really going on with the traffic, what’s causing that, and we want to address solutions in a proper way.”  Again BULLSHIT, he knows EXACTLY what has caused our traffic woes – his maniacal density push by autocratically strong-arming density levels beyond 2014 Regional Growth Strategy Levels and constructing FAILING $20+ million bike lanes!  The essentials on which his legacy will forever and justifiably be judged.

And tonight there is a Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands Open House starting conveniently at 5:30 (no time for dinner having just been caught up in commuter gridlocked traffic).  It is to be held at the North Vancouver School District Mountain View room on 2121 Lonsdale Ave. North Van…

From my POV it would be best if residents simply stayed away and enjoyed a family dinner at home or night out because it is “already a done deal” and the drawings DO NOT OFFER SOCIAL HOUSING.  And the developer will be deflecting all “unforeseen, not our problem,” increased traffic congestion and guaranteed overcrowded busing.  Any resident input much like Hollyburn’s Marlborough 3 apartment complex now under construction and about to bottleneck traffic along Lonsdale and 13 St. will be graciously received with disingenuous deaf ears!  Remember Darwin Properties INVESTED not once but TWICE into the willing hostage takeover of our mayor’s 2014 campaign.  #CNVSOL



October’s top most viewed…

The big winners in the most viewed category had to do with the erection of Lucy the one hump wonder camel that sure curtailed a lot of controversy which led to OMG two Onni employees attacking an innocent senior cripple in front of their new CentreView Towers complex.  There were two other blogs related to this camel-eon bronze nudging right on the heels of the top five.

The other two big stories of the month evolved around wasting WTF: $6million on a connector Spirit Trail Bridge that took precedent over our many crippling infrastructures.  City council choosing instead to pillage taxpayer’s money and continue to “fund” Density Mussatto’s Dead Man Walking & Cycling Legacy…  While Guy Heywood wannabe new sheriff begins to roundup his Team Slate er Team Posse.

Density Darrell was out Spooking our city one LAST TIME last night and it was o-o-o-o oh so very scary!

Soon our Mussatto fronted City Hall Twilight Zone escapades will be behind us (damn I’m going to miss illustrating these) coming to an abrupt END on October 20, 2018.  Gone, gone as in oh so gone will be Mayor Mussatto ‘s pathological addiction to multi million dollar lunacy legacy projects like: the Black Never Green Bike Necklace and the golden fleeced dis-Spirited Trail links at the expense of our city’s bleeding infrastructures that are being willfully ignored by our mayor’s “4 to 3” city chamber’s Team Slate Despicables.

Other key contributing Enablers of our mayor’s DMW infamy is his financially fueled 2014 campaign Developers with their huge infusions of tax remunerations garnishing his en mass projects and yielding to below market value density transfer fees further enabling his invested developers “no pro-forma” windfall profits.

And lest we forget our $86K bonused CAO and his City Planning comrades making a mockery out of our OCP!  Forever anteing up density bonuses on behalf of less than 2% whom “bike to work” while rewriting and amending zoning bylaws designed to further facilitate Mussatto‘s developer pals projects while turning their backs on NIMBY concerns!

I can only hope this is our city’s last jaded hallowed tricking ‘n convoluting handout!

And thanks to my fellow CoffeeMates for their input into today’s featured blog.  #ScaryCityHall

Damn the Torpedoes: a Civic election is heading our way in just 365 days!

In exactly 12 months from tomorrow we will be hopefully electing an independent discerning new city council and mayor.  I have for the last 3 years been a caricature voice animating over 400 blogs illustrating the colluding “4 to 3” over densification of our city.  A mayor and his Team Slate Councillors bought and paid for representing the interests of their 2014 developer invested campaign backers and the 1% willing to “bike to work” year round at $70 an inch. 

It is time we had a city council that reflects the issues facing our unique and varying neighbourhoods from over densification, lack of affordability and insufficient rental housing to neglected infrastructures like parking shortages.  Local small business success is dependent on being able to staff quantified part-time help.  We also cannot continue callously turning our backs – evicting the wellness of our city rooted in its fixed and low income earners and seniors forsaken by developer’s offshore appetite.

We need to revolutionize, update city council meeting “participating format” whereby city residents have the option to voice their issues/concerns not only from an unlimited Public Input Period pulpit but also from a facilitating CNVH Hotline via Facetime, Live Chat or like what many television news programs do: take questions from “twitter or by text messaging”.  This “media input format” could also be used during the Public Clarification Period…  We need to “re-wire the peoples city hall”, indoctrinating a 21st century approach in how we can best conduct and communicate city council business.  #VoteStacheCityCouncillor2018  #E=MC2

With less than 2% of CNV Residents “Biking To Work” at $70 an inch! Mussatto and his Henchmen continue defecating taxpayers money!

Tonight at 7 pm the City will be presenting a preliminary design for the last section of the $70 an inch Golden Fleeced Blacktop that will connect Lonsdale at W 21st Street with Grand Boulevard at E 19th Street.  The only missing link err disconnect in all this is by our vainglorious mayor Mussatto whom continues to be enraptured by Fake News.  Willing to remain historically ignorant to the fact the city’s real Green Necklace refers to our already existing four major parklands some dating back over a hundred years.  And these parks have “always been connected” by roads and pathways.   #MussattoFakeNews  #MussattoDisconnect

And for those of you still wondering why I caricaturize councillor Buchanan wearing crazy glasses is because she has been constantly flippant on many city council issues like against having any casino in our city last year and now all for a non union casino unless located on our waterfront.  Can we really believe Ms. Flippant Buchanan?  And as far as having her riding a tricycle… has anyone ever seen her riding her bike i.e. letting her hair and makeup or designer clothing get caught up in the wind or pouring rain “cycling” to and from a Monday night city council meeting… I mean ever.  #FlippantBuchanan

Mayor Mussatto’s Proverbial “Inconvenient Truth” Realized Once Again!

And on it goes… so many of our communities being turned upside down, longtime residents  being displaced, abandoned by our psycho-ling path mayor who thinks all is great in his fornicating concrete Shangri-la.

The following is based on an encounter our bought and paid for mayor had earlier in the week.  Doing what he does best i.e. vaingloriously steadfast in self-denial, running away from conflict,  turning his back on its very backbone.  Archetypal whom shaped our city – welcoming all.  Imaginaries whom can no longer afford to live in MASSatto’s dystopia.

#UnaffordableHousing  #RunningForCover

Warning: MASSatto Mania is about to get higher and denser!

Our Grinch-like mayor and his 3 lackey team city councillors since being re-elected in late 2014 have repeatedly pillaged our city’s sense of a community for all, now unable and no longer welcoming low and fixed income residents and part-timers looking for cheap rent wanting to work in our retail and restaurant establishments.  While more and more seniors and Millennial families are exiting our city – decisively opting for a “qualitative and affordable lifestyle elsewhere.”

I know I am sounding like a broken record but most of our inner city traffic congestion, density pollution, and parking shortages is due to 4 vainglorious self-serving city officials: mayor Mussatto and his team councillors: wannabe night-mayor Buchanan, Holly and Keating all whom have continually voted and bonused EVERY NEW HIGH RISE DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT SUFFICIENT PARKING.  And all the while backed by their $86K bonused CAO and accommodating OCP density fornicating management teams.

And NOT ONCE did any of  these hare-brains prior or after voting “4 to 3” for EVERY NEW DEVELOPMENT display any genuine concern – rather seemingly to care less about the HUNDREDS of longtime residents they were about to DISPLACE.  Never once offering to CONSTRUCT in 2015/16 any short term alternative/temporary low cost housing relief!  (not our city’s problem huh councillor Keating)

If your (family) income is less than $60/70K you need not apply.  We have become a city only the MASSatto wealthy can only truly appreciate.