Battle Royal: new Harry Jerome Centre vs. odds on favourite double dipping Mussatto donor Darwin Properties.

Here we are 28 days since the mayor has faced the cameras at a city hall meeting.  And what we saw, err didn’t see, during the almost 5 hour marathon was very little camera imagery of our infamous mayor, especially when he had his microphone turned on discussing the issues from his perspective.  Why was that Grinch… am I and others having a definitive impact on your hyperbole demeanor?

A majority of the camera framing for agenda item #16 (below) was a 3 shot of councillors Buchanan, Back and Clark.  Why was that Darrell, why all of a sudden have you become so camera shy during city hall meetings – hmm.  And yet when you want to give yourself a vainglorious pat on the back – you can’t wait to share it’s infamy with the television/print media.  #MussattoDoubleExposure

And on an appreciative note…





Even though today is not the day I post my Stache Sunday Funny… ET come back – we have a pickup for you!

A new twist on a ol’ classic put down… and since Sunday is Easter I did not think it would be appropriate to run a satirical cartoon.  As I remember being once an alter boy so long, long, long ago – inhaling too much incense to the point of almost passing out during Easter Sunday’s High Mass.  These days it’s the underhanded city hall politics that is apt to make one vomit.  #Vote4Change  #Enough!

There was a whole lot of smoke blowing in the wind at last Monday’s City Council Meeting.

I first and foremost want to wish Councillor Bell a speedy recovery and hope he will be able to attend next week’s city council meeting before their scheduled 3 week Spring Break Snooze.  But also missing in action without any explanation to taxpayers was once again of course “NDP Moneybags Councillor Keating.”

At times I sensed there might be a little cannabis floating in the air as the mayor was determined to keep under wraps agenda item 2: Smoking Prohibition Expansion and “Enforcement”.  While agenda item 6: Proposed Cannabis Dispensary “Enforcement” was openly discussed during the city council ‘public’ meeting.  Beckoning the question why the hypocritical double standard?  Could it be because of the television interview planned by the mayor on this matter.

The shocker of the night for moi was hearing OMG, Councillor Back unwilling to support the Development Application at 125 and 145 East 13th Street: a 23 storey high tower – until extra OCP Bonus floors kick in!  Her feedback from the community and local businesses being: they are “fed-up” with all the new development going on in their neighbourhood.  Wanting to see new development in their area slow down for the next couple of years.  Opposing was councillor and wannabe mayor Buchanan who was adamantly in favour – wanting MORE development i.e. construction turmoil for this community.

But the highlight of the night was when councillor Bookham asked CNV Engineer/Parks/Envro Douglas Pope why he was so keen on WASTING taxpayer’s money on a temporary Green Black Necklace while knowing dam well it would have to be RE-CONFIGURED i.e. conforming to the proposed redevelopment by “double dipping” Mussatto campaign donor Darwin Properties.  #cnvSOL

International Day of People with Disabilities TRUMPED by Mussatto’s Egomaniacal Ferris Wheel!

The United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities is today December 3rd.  And will our inglorious mayor and surrogate to wannabe night-mayor Linda Buchanan who is also our city councillor “rep” on our North Shore Disabled Persons Board celebrate this day?  Why of course on a ferris wheel and NOT in a wheel chair.

The theme for this year’s 2017 International Day of People with Disability is: “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all”.  The overarching principle of this theme is to ‘leave no one behind’ and empowers people with disability to be active contributors of society.

In honour of this prodigious day I self-proclaim this week as “CNV International Disability Week.”  I urge everyone to acknowledge and respect how these men, women and children cope and courageously look beyond their physical disabilities we take for granted.  #HireHandicap

Today the city finally reveals its “one hump camel jack” bronze statue. A precursor to our infamous mayor’s DMW Legacy.

Our Grinch-like mayor today proudly presents our city with its latest embarrassment – gaffe.  A one hump camel thinking it is a two humper that was used during BC’s 1800’s mini mining gold rush.  What is so blatantly wrong is this wonderfully sculptured bronze camel is a LIE.  NO CAMEL ever set foot on the North Shore, rather they were ferried/barged up the Fraser River to the interior prospect mines.  This only further exemplifies just how unconcerned our city “is” lead by a corrupt bought and paid for mayor when it comes to facts vs. Fake News.  Willing to declare falsehoods – like our mayor stating in public it is simply a case of  “ARTIST LICENSE”.  i.e. At the expense and credibility of the sculptor whom was misinformed by our city’s Arts Council.  Whom for what ever reason did not do their due diligence even though the “information highway/internet” has easy and many accessible links to the animals used and where and how they were used during this historical time period in BC.  As an artist I am dumbfounded and dishearten by the lack in research and negligence the Arts Council has succumbed.

My Wiki-leakage sources tell me the unveiling takes place at 12:30 pm today.  Can’t wait to see what is inscribed on the plaque. i.e.  Just how ludicrous their tall tale will be: LYING to its citizens.  #OneHumpCameljack  #FakeNews

Contributor BJ May CNV
*camel jack: When someone is just being completely stupid!

Welcome to the North Shore Onni Kum Hi or maybe its Onni Buy-U-Out Developments

Mayor Mussatto pals Onni: “is pre-selling the upcoming 1335 Howe condominium at a Hong Kong fair for prices cheaper than if bought in Canada, while boasting about pricing ordinary Canadians out of the housing market.”  And lest we forget Onni also has a bid/proposal for the lots at the existing Harry Jerome CRC and NS Lawn Bowling Club.  What do you think the odds are IF the new proposed HJCRTitanic somehow is approved by city council that the old HJCRC and NSBC is awarded to grifter’s Onni.


Vancouver among world’s most expensive real estate market: survey

Vancouver’s housing prices 2nd most unaffordable in the world

With less than 2% of CNV Residents “Biking To Work” at $70 an inch! Mussatto and his Henchmen continue defecating taxpayers money!

Tonight at 7 pm the City will be presenting a preliminary design for the last section of the $70 an inch Golden Fleeced Blacktop that will connect Lonsdale at W 21st Street with Grand Boulevard at E 19th Street.  The only missing link err disconnect in all this is by our vainglorious mayor Mussatto whom continues to be enraptured by Fake News.  Willing to remain historically ignorant to the fact the city’s real Green Necklace refers to our already existing four major parklands some dating back over a hundred years.  And these parks have “always been connected” by roads and pathways.   #MussattoFakeNews  #MussattoDisconnect

And for those of you still wondering why I caricaturize councillor Buchanan wearing crazy glasses is because she has been constantly flippant on many city council issues like against having any casino in our city last year and now all for a non union casino unless located on our waterfront.  Can we really believe Ms. Flippant Buchanan?  And as far as having her riding a tricycle… has anyone ever seen her riding her bike i.e. letting her hair and makeup or designer clothing get caught up in the wind or pouring rain “cycling” to and from a Monday night city council meeting… I mean ever.  #FlippantBuchanan